All Lies of P Weapon Locations

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All Lies of P Weapon Locations

Here are all the Lies of P Weapon Locations neatly compiled in one place.

There is a plethora of weapons in Lies of P. Most of them come in two parts, the handle and the actual weapon itself. Both have their own signature abilities that can be freely matched. Depending on how you modify your hilt, it can even change how a weapon's damage will scale with your stats.

So here are all the locations of all the weapons.

Lies of P Weapon Locations

Wintry Rapier

The Wintry Rapier is a balanced weapon and a nice middle ground between light and heavy weaponry. It is one of the weapons you can pick at the start of your journey. But don't worry, you can always pick it up later at the Wandering Merchant before the Parade Master boss.

Puppet's Sabre

The Sabre is the Technique weapon of the starter weapons and is great for everyone who desires some finesse in their combat. Just like the other starting weapons, it can be picked at the start or purchased from the Wandering Merchant before the first major boss.

Greatsword of Fate

The big starter weapon for all the Motivity enthusiasts out there who prefer raw strength. Just like its starter siblings, it can either be obtained when starting a new game or purchased from the Wandering Merchant before the Parade Master boss room.

Electric Coil

This shocking weapon can be purchased from the Wandering Merchant inside the abandoned house which also contains the Elysion Boulevard Stargazer. Simply enter the room next to the Stargazer which contains the elevator shortcut.

Krat Police Baton

The Police Baton can be obtained by beating the Policeman puppet miniboss that haunts the Petrification Disease Quarantine Zone. You can get there by following along the rooftops after the Elsysion Boulevard Stargazer.

Lies of P All Weapon Locations

Salamander Dagger

This Dagger can be found in a safe in the Vengini Works Factory. Visit the Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer, go upstairs, and enter the room to your left. Then drop down a hole behind a few crates and fight the two puppets inside. Now the dagger is yours.

Fire Axe

The Axe can be found in the Venigni Works Factory near the Workshop Union Vulvert Stargazer. Head up the stairs until you find the tunnel with the flaming puppet piles rolling down the shaft. You can find the chest at the very end of the tunnel, you can avoid the puppets by hugging the wall.

Booster Glaive

This weapon is also found in the Venigni Works factory. Visit the Workshop Union Culvert Stargazer until you find the platform overseeing the trench with the giant puppet walking up and down the trench. This a boss called Puppet of the Future patroling a poison swamp. You can either fight it or be sensible and make a run for the chest and grab your weapon.

Big Pipe Wrench

This is the last weapon you find in the Venigni Works Factory. Visit the Center of Venigni Works Stargazer (the boss room) and head down into the mines. After passing the first long corridor you'll find a room. On the highest platform, you'll find a chest containing the weapon.

Lies of P All Weapon Locations

Blind Man's Double Spear

The Double Spear can be found underneath the Cathedral. Visit the St. Frangelico's Cathedral Stargazer and head down until you find the first room. You need to make your way through the rafters to get to the room above the lift shortcut. Here you need to solve a little jumping puzzle before you find the chest holding the weapon.

Lies of P All Weapon Locations

Acidic Crystal Spear

To obtain this weapon, simply visit the Malum District Stargazer and continue down the path until the road splits. Take the right path, watch the bear trap and you'll find the chest.

Bone-Cutting Saw

The Saw can also be found near the Malum District Stargazer. Just follow the path until you find yourself in an open square with a big monster trying to get the jump on you. Now look to the right and head to the upper level until you reach the far end of the square. Here you'll find a leader leading up for a few platforms which will eventually lead to the chest.

Lies of P All Weapon Locations

Bramble Curved Sword

The Curved Sword can be purchased from a Wandering Merchant in the Malum District. But he will only sell it to you if you've either picked up the Smiling Bunny Mark from a grave you find before the Malum District Stargazer or defeated the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Boss.

You'll find him on the second floor of the Red Lobster Inn which you can access from the shortcut leading to the Malum Destric Town Hall Stargazer.

Exploding Pickaxe

This explosive mining tool can be found near the Estella Opera House Entrance Stargazer. Simply enter the building, up the stairs to the left, and follow the corridor until you reach steps that lead you back down. Here you'll find yet another corridor and its end another set of stairs. Descend those, beat the big puppet and the safe containing the weapon is yours.

Tyrant Murderer's Dagger

This weapon can be purchased from Pulcinella in the Hotel Krat. You only need to bring him the Curated Venigni Box which you can find in the Estella Opera House. You can find it close to the boss's room. Simply drop down next to the flaming chandelier before the room, and walk through the passage until you find a room with a safe.

Lies of P All Weapon Locations

Clock Sword

This weapon can be found after you defeat the King of puppets. Simply exit the Estealla Opera House and keep coming down the streets up until the plaza. Here you'll find a tunnel with a headless puppet inside. Climb the ladder next to it and being the maid puppets you should find a chest containing this weapon.

Circular Electric Chainsaw

This weapon can be purchased from the Wandering Merchant which lingers around the Lorenzini Arcade. After unlocking the shortcut that leads into the Theatre, you'll find him next to a fountain.

Spear of Honor

Last is the Spear which can be found in the tunnels of the Lorenzini Arcade. You find it at the very end of the tunnel system and it is suggested to just run past all the enemies and use Attribute Purification Ampules to avoid the decay meter to building up to completion. Once you reach the end, you'll find the weapon and a shortcut that gets you back to the beginning.

Boss Weapons

And here is a little extra. Did you know that Lies of P, just like every other good Soulslike has boss weapons? To get them you simply need to offer the Ergo Crystals obtained from defeating a boss to Treasure Hunter Alidoro. Who you can find on the roof of the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel.

You can also turn them into equipment that offers various bonuses, so weigh your options.

For more on Lies of P, check out our Combat Guide, and for anything else stick to ESTNN

All Lies of P Weapon Locations
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