Lies of P Combat Guide

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Lies of P Combat Guide

Here is the Lies of P Combat explained. Learn how you can bring down the law on the frenzied puppets of Krat.

Lies of P is not only a worthy entry in the endless lists of Soulslike titles, but it is about as good if not better than the recent output by FromSoftware. It manages to learn from Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro while creating its own distinct flavor.

But how do you play it? How do you get good at it? Most of the muscle memory learned from other titles of its kind will still apply but there are some new twists to wrap your head around. We'll go over all the mechanics in great detail and teach you how to reach peak puppet performance.

Lies of P Combat Basics Explained

If you're familiar with FromSoftware games, Lies of P can best be described as a mix of Bloodborne and Sekiro. Combat is fast, offers limited but vastly different approaches, and rewards skillful reaction and aggression.

Blocking is always an option and instead of regular damage, you take chip damage which can be regained if you deal enough damage. Also, don't be afraid to use up all your healing. After all of them are spent, doing enough damage will slowly refill another charge but only if you're out.

Your weapon's durability is also a big factor. You can repair your weapon while being out and about using your grindstone. Doing this in combat will greatly decrease your mobility, so try and do it as often as possible in between bouts of battle.

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Some enemies and status effects can also rapidly decrease its durability. Once a weapon breaks, you won't be able to use it until you rest at a Stargazer.

Lies of P Perfect Guard

Lies of P Perfect Guard Explained

The Perfect Guard is the parry mechanic of Lies of P. Timing a block the moment an attack hits will give you a Perfect Guard that can fill up your Fable Gauge and decrease your enemy weapons' durability. Yes, you can break almost every enemy's weapon the same way they can break yours. Once broken they'll deal almost no damage but can still stunlock you.

Then there are the Fury Attacks enemies can use when glowing red. You can't use your invincibility frames to dodge out of them and you can't block them either. The only way to avoid them is to land a perfect parry, sometimes multiple times in a row.

Lies of P Fatal Attacks Explained

Fatal Attacks are an easy way to deal a lot of damage very quickly. You can either get one by doing a backstab which can be used on almost every enemy by just using an attack on their back or when they're knocked down.

To knock an enemy down, you need to get them in a Groggy-State which is indicated by their health bar flashing white. To get them there you'll need to Perfect Guard and deal damage. Now you either have to land a charged-up Heavy Attack, Fable Attack, or Legion Arm. Now you only have to position correctly to lad a Fatal Attack for massive damage.

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Lies of P Weapon Assamble

Lies of P Weapon Assamble Explained

Before the second major boss, you unlock the ability to assemble weapons. This means you can pair any grip with any type of weapon and mix and match their abilities. This affects both their Fable Attacks and the way damage scales with your stats.

Lies of P Fable Attacks Explained

Fable Attacks are powerful abilities that can be triggered in exchange for Fable Gauge which refills by either using up resources or fighting. They're primarily used to trigger Fatal Attacks against bosses but also have great secondary usage.

Fable Attacks are tied to weapons and their hilts respectively. Early on you learn how to mix and match them to find the ability combo that suits your playstyle the most.

Lies of P Fable Attacks

Lies of P Legion Arm Explained

Another important factor is the Legion Arm, a powerful weapon with special abilities that use up a separate resource. The more you progress through the game, the more Legion Arms become available to you, they can also be upgraded for even more powerful abilities.

Early on you get the Puppet String for example which can pull enemies toward you, you can also charge it up to pull yourself towards enemies. Later on, you even get the option for an attack on it. All of them are unique and offer interesting ways to approach combat.

And that wraps up our combat explainer on Lies of P, we'll have more guides on the new Soulsborne title very soon here on ESTNN

Lies of P Combat Guide
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