Lies of P Change Shape Explained

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Lies of P Change Shape Explained

As you continue your adventure in Lies of P, you will have the opportunity to acquire and unlock new upgrades that will prove to be very useful. In addition to the possibility of crafting weapons, unlocking upgrades, and leveling up your level, once you manage to save Geppetto, the game will unlock the P-Organ in which you can see a particular menu called Change Shape. The Lies of P Change Shape is a very important feature for the game's economy, even if it will not be available immediately, but you will have to progress in the adventure to be able to see what is present within this sub-menu.

What does Change Shape do in Lies of P?

First of all, let's start by clarifying that, although it is found under the heading of the P-Organ and therefore players, for obvious reasons, might think that it is something linked to it, in reality, this is not the case: the Lies of P Change Shape it has nothing to do with the P-Organ. The real purpose of the Change Shape is to give players the possibility of having cosmetic changes as Pinocchio's adventure progresses.

The fundamental dynamic to take into consideration for Change Shape is that of truth and lies. In Lies of P, in fact, you will be called on several occasions to choose whether to tell the truth or lie, which will influence subsequent events and therefore the ending of the game (remember that the developers have confirmed that Lies of P has multiple endings). In this case, if you lie assiduously, the character will begin to have qualities more similar to those of humans, given that lying is not allowed to puppets, and it is here that you will notice the different things that can happen regarding the Lies of P Change Shape.

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There are many examples that can make Pinocchio look more like a human being than a puppet, such as the length of his hair which will be a little longer if he decides to lie a lot. At this point, anyone who wants to return their character to its default characteristics will simply have to access the Change Shape menu and restore the default characteristics.

There are several cosmetics that can change and depend on how you decide to continue your adventure, based on how human you decide the puppets are. The fact is, however, that these changes only concern the aesthetics of Pinocchio and have no effect on the gameplay, which remains unchanged regardless of the aspect of the individual cosmetics you decide to use.

lies of p change shape

Lies of P Change Shape Explained
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