Lies of P to Have Multiple Endings

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Lies of P to Have Multiple Endings

After bringing you the news about what the director of Lies of P thinks about the question of being able to select the difficulty level of the soulslikes, in this article, we decided to report what Choi Ji said regarding the multiple endings of Lies of P.

Lies of P multiple endings

In an interview with colleagues from DualShockers, the director of Lies of P confirmed that the game will have three different endings, but also advised players to continue their adventure in the game world until they really get to the end. This suggests how the development team has decided to actually go big and has designed a game rich in content, and, which will therefore require several hours to be 100% completed.

“One thing we planned in advance is that you wouldn’t want to just play it once. If you have only played it once, then it’s not complete. We really highly recommend you play it several times. Basically, there are three endings. But we really, really, really recommend playing the ending until the very, very, very end.”

For the moment it is not clear what exactly Choi Ji was referring to by releasing these words, but the certain thing we know is that a single run will not be necessary to see everything that the developers have created within the game. It was something to be expected, in reality, since it was a soulslike, but it is always good to specify it and have official confirmation from the creators.

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Surely, we will have to pay close attention to the lie system which, at this point, is almost certain that it will influence the ending we will obtain. Consequently, making different choices during our game will lead us to attend one ending rather than another, and this is why the director strongly insisted that the game be played multiple times and that it be explored in all its entirety.

lies of p

Lies of P to Have Multiple Endings
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