Lies of P Director Says That Soulslike Shouldn’t Have Difficulty Settings

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Lies of P Director Says That Soulslike Shouldn’t Have Difficulty Settings

Lies of P is present at Gamescom 2023 and new details on the soulslike inspired by the story of Pinocchio have come out in the last few hours. In fact, in an interview with DualShockers, the director of the game, Choi Ji, made some confessions, such as the fact that soulslikes shouldn't provide the possibility to choose the difficulty of the game.

Soulslike shouldn't have difficulty options

Last year, Neowiz Games showed up at Gamescom with a demo of the game, which managed to get the game a lot of media attention. In fact, there are many players who can't wait to try the game, due out on September 19 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S. The game also managed to take home some awards during last year's event such as Best Action Adventure Game and Best RPG.

Thanks to this clamor created, the director decided to give an interview to the microphones of DualSockers. During the interview, various topics arose, but one of those that caused the most stir was what Choi Ji said about the possibility of being able to choose the difficulty of the game.

“No, you can’t choose difficulty options [in Lies of P]. We believe soulslike games shouldn’t have difficulty options. We believe the tightness of the level design is one of the most attractive things about this genre.”

All No Rest for the Wicked Known Issues

Despite these statements, in the past, the director had already tried to reassure a part of the community that was concerned about accessibility options. In this sense, he had explained that the game was designed to be fun and never too complicated, explaining how they managed to achieve this by making use of excellent game design and not the possibility of choosing the difficulty of the game.

In fact, Lies of P will focus heavily on the narrative part of the game and the game has been designed in such a way that players can absorb as many details as possible, without ever feeling too frustrated by the difficulty of the game. Again according to what was stated by Choi Ji, the game will be simpler than other games belonging to the same category, precisely to focus more on storytelling.

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Lies of P Director Says That Soulslike Shouldn’t Have Difficulty Settings
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