Lies of P How to Stagger Enemies and How to Increase it

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Lies of P How to Stagger Enemies and How to Increase it

Lies or P is a game that relies heavily on combat. As we have already explained in detail in this article, there are different fighting styles that can be adopted, a lot depends on your way of playing and your skills. However, a game mechanic that is certainly useful in any case is that of the stagger.

In this Lies of P how to stagger enemies article, therefore, we will explain in detail everything you need to know about this game mechanic, in order to make your life easier in the world created by the developers. In fact, once an enemy is staggered, you will have the opportunity to hit him in specific points to inflict greater damage than usual. However, while this is an important gameplay mechanic, it's not all sunshine and rainbows.

How to stagger enemies in Lies of P

As we already mentioned at the beginning of this article, the stagger is a game mechanic that will prove to be very useful during your journey in the world of Lies of P. Some enemies, in fact, will be very powerful, and making use of this feature can certainly make the task of defeating them easier. But how does it work? How to stagger enemies in Lies of P?

Lies of P offers two different ways to use the stagger. The first way is to perform Perfect Blocking. In fact, every time you carry out one, the bar indicating the stagger status of the enemies will fill up until it is full and the enemy is actually in this state. To perform Perfect Blocking, you will need to have impeccable timing when pressing the Block Button before the enemy hits you. You will realize that you have succeeded because you will see a red light on the screen and hear a sound.

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The other way you can make an enemy enter the stagger state is to hit them repeatedly in a very short amount of time. This way, the enemy will not have the opportunity to counterattack and the bar indicating the stagger level will fill very quickly. At this point, the enemy will be in a stagger state and you can hit him to inflict a large amount of damage.

Visually, you'll realize that an enemy is staggerable once the edge of his life bar flashes white. Once the bar is flashing, if you land a Charged Heavy Attack correctly, you will cause the enemy to enter the stagger state. At this point, it's the right time to unleash your wrath and land a combo of attacks. Keep in mind that bosses behave differently than normal enemies and you will have to hit specific points to deal a lot of damage to them.

If you fail to land a Charged Heavy Attack, the enemy's health bar will return to normal and you will no longer be able to stagger them. This means that you will have to repeat the entire process described above from the beginning, as long as they have enough health and you don't kill them first.

How to increase stagger

Once we have explained to you in detail how to stagger enemies in Lies of P using two different ways, the time has come to spend a few words to tell you how to increase stagger. Lies of P, in fact, offers to players the possibility of increasing the time an enemy is in the staggerable state by making use of Quartz and upgrading the P-Organ.

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As you start making these upgrades, you will have several options that were not available before that will give you the ability to increase the stagger meter, as well as the time the life bar is flashing before it returns to its normal state. These upgrades, therefore, give you the opportunity to better plan your attacks, thanks to the fact that you have more time available to complete your Charged Heavy Attack.

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Lies of P How to Stagger Enemies and How to Increase it
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