Lies of P Riddle Answers and Trinity Key Rooms

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Lies of P Riddle Answers and Trinity Key Rooms

Here are the Lies of P Riddle Answers and everything you need to know about the Trinity Keys.

The King of Riddles is a mysterious NPC in Lies of P that will contact the player throughout their time in Krat. He'll pester and taunt the player for questions and treasure hunts for some great rewards. We'll tell you everything you need to know about Trinity Keys, their Rooms, and the answers to all the riddles.

Trinity Keys

The Trinity Keys are obtained by answering questions from the King of Riddles. Throughout Krat you'll find telephones that will annoyingly ring until you pick them up. When you give the correct answer you get a key and a vague hint where to find its room.

That Room contains a safe usually filled with quartz and a new outfit. These Rooms are marked by big green locked doors that have a triangle symbol painted on them. Sometimes they're on your path, sometimes they're a little out of the way.

Lies of P Riddle Answers

Lies of P Riddle Answers

Venigni Works

The first riddle can be found before the bridge Leading into the Venigni Works Factory level. Instead of crossing the bridge, head to the other right where you should find the phone booth. Here the King of Riddles will introduce himself to you, ask if you're human, and challenge you to solve his riddles. The riddle goes as follows:

“By morning, it walks on feet numbering four. At midday just two, no less and no more. It walks on three feet when evening arrives. And if you solve this, then I'll know you're alive!”

The answer is “Human”.

Malum District

The riddle in the Malum District is easily found since it is part of the critical path to the boss of that region. But you find it right after you unlock the shortcut that leads back to the flooded plaza. Just head up the ladder next to the shortcut and head up the ladder. And the riddle goes:

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“I stand tall and proud when I'm young and bold. But I'm short and humble once I've gotten old. What Am I?”

To which the answer is “Candle”.

Grand Exhibition Gallery

Once you've activated the bridge shortcut within the main hall, heading back will lead you to this Telephone, where the King of Riddles will ask you another question:

“Think about this, whatever it takes: What cannot be used before it breaks?”

Simply answer “Egg”. Instead of a key, he will give you a hint as to where to find the key instead. Head down the stairs until you find the two small statures and a big one. Make the two small statures face each other and the big one will reveal your prize.

Krat Central Station Street

You'll find a small path that will lead you to the very edge of the cliff. Now it is only a matter of turning left and you find the telephone, where you are asked the following:

“This blue flower has many ways to take root. But only on man does it ever bear fruit.”

The answer to this question is “Ergo”.

Relict of Trismegistus

The last riddle can be found in the Relic of Trismegistus. But keep in mind that this riddle will only be available once you've opened the previous 4 Trinity Sanctums.

Before you face off with the Black Rabbit Brotherhood for the second time, you find the telephone overlooking the pit you need to plunge into.

He'll ask you if you're a killer or not. No matter what answer you give him, he'll either give you the Chosen One's Trinity Key or the King of Riddles' Surprised Box. That can open in the Collectible tab and contains the Chosen One's Trinity Key.

Trinity Sanctum Locations

Trinity Sanctum Locations

Venigni Works Trinity Sanctum

Hit up the Workshop Union Stargazer and run back to where you met the Black Cat and Red Fox NPC. Now head right through the passage, through the red pipe, and past the room with the puppets. Here you'll find a hallway with the marked Trinity Sanctum Room. You'll need the key you got before entering the factory.

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St. Frangelico Cathedral Trinity Sanctum

Best reached from the Chapel Stargazer. Head to the room where you had electrified balls being rolled down the hallway. Simply follow where these balls are coming from and you'll find a little corridor leading to the room. This Room requires the key you get in the Malum District.

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Estella Opera House Trinity Sanctum

From the Opera House Entrance Stargazer head inside, then head towards the chandelier swinging (the one that leads to the boss) and just drop down. The key you obtained from the Grand Exhibition Gallery will open this Sanctum for you.

Krat Central Station Trinity Sanctum

After the Earthquake, you need to head back to where it all started, the Krat Central Station Lobby Stargazer. Now you just have to head left, down the stairs and you'll find the door. For this, you'll need the key you've obtained at Karat Station Street.

Arche Abbey Trinity Sanctrum

The last Sanctum can be found in the Arche Abbey. Find the Arche Abby Outer Wall Stargazer and start from there. Once you reach the gigantic tower with all the bridges, head all the way down (careful when jumping/dropping down) and you'll find the last Sanctum. This requires the key you've obtained from the Relict of Trismegistus.

And that sums up everything you need to know about the Trinity Keys, Sanctums, and the Riddles from the King of Riddles. For more on Lies of P, you can learn everything about farming Ergo here, how the Status Effects work here, and how to best farm Crescent Moonston here.

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Lies of P Riddle Answers and Trinity Key Rooms
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