Lies of P Farming Ergo Guide: How to Get Ergo and Best Spots

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Lies of P Farming Ergo Guide: How to Get Ergo and Best Spots

The Ergo can be considered a sort of in-game currency that allows you to do many things, including leveling your character. But how do you get it? In this Lies of P farming Ergo article, we will explain in detail everything you need to know about this currency: how to obtain it and what are the best places to farm it. If you are interested in getting some Ergo to upgrade your Pinocchio, this is the guide for you.

What is Ergo in Lies of P?

As previously mentioned, the Ergo is practically the game currency, essential to progress and advance in your adventure. Thanks to the Ergo, in fact, you will be able to level your character, but also to purchase weapons and objects of all kinds, as well as you can also buy upgrades of all kinds. Consequently, as you will have understood, being in possession of a good amount of this in-game currency is certainly a very useful thing, especially as you progress with your adventure and the game becomes more and more complex.

But what is the Ergo? From what we have been able to ascertain from what Lies of P himself tells us, Ergo is a sort of alchemical substance. It is used to make Krat puppets come to life and has a role very similar to that of blood. Although something goes wrong in the game and Ergo could be one of the causes that pushed the puppets to rebel, initially this substance was seen as a sort of life-giver by the alchemists who created it. In any case, there is no other news on the matter, and the true nature of this substance still continues to be a mystery.

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Lies of P how to get Ergo

First of all, let's start by saying that to obtain Ergo in Lies of P there are many different ways. Among the best ones, there are certainly those of defeating enemies, finding and consuming Ergo Fragments, and selling objects. Below, we explain all three of these methods in detail.

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Defeating enemies

The simplest method to obtain Ergo in Lies of P is to defeat the enemies you will encounter during your adventure. In fact, once defeated, all enemies will release a certain amount of Ergo which depends on the type of enemy. Of course, it goes without saying that defeating more powerful enemies will allow you to acquire a greater number of Ergos. As a result, bosses can be considered the enemies that allow you to acquire more Ergos and that will give you the opportunity to level up a few levels in a single go.

Finding and using Ergo Fragments

The second method on which you can rely to acquire Ergo is to find and use the Ergo Fragments that are scattered throughout the game world. Also in this case, based on the type of object you find you can obtain a different number of Ergos. Bosses, for example, are the ones that drop the types of shards that allow you to get more Ergos, but we advise against using the ones you get from bosses as they are useful for other purposes in the game.

Selling items

The last method that allows you to obtain Ergo in Lies of P is to sell items. In fact, during your adventure, you will collect many objects that you can sell to a vendor. Obviously, even in this case, the number of Ergos you will get will depend on the type of item sold. The rarer and harder the item is to find, the more Ergo you will get for selling it.

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Lies of P best Ergo farming spots

Once you know what the best methods are to get Ergo in Lies of P, the time has come to show you the best Lies of P best Ergo farming spots where you can fill your pockets with this in-game currency. All you have to do is go to one of these points, kill all the enemies in that area and then return to the Stargazer to respawn all the enemies and repeat the process as many times as you want.

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Since you might get bored repeating the same route too many times, in this guide we have decided to show you several different points where you can go to farm Ergo in Lies of P. Furthermore, for ease of consultation, we have drawn up the list starting from the first areas that you will visit up to those that are part of the final phases of the game, so that you can know where to go at any moment of your adventure you find yourself.

Krat City Hall

The first place we want to show you is outside Krat City Hall. The area right before The Scrapped Watchman is full of enemies that are easy to defeat, even early in the game. Each of them releases 90 Ergos, a not bad amount considering that we are at the beginning of the game. Another thing that makes this place one of the Lies of P best Ergo farming moves is the fact that it is close to a Stargazer, which means that you can repeat the process as many times as you want very quickly.

Venigni Works

Right near the Stargazer that is at the start of this area, there are two enemies right in the room that is ahead of you, as well as a more powerful enemy right nearby. Although this is a more complex point than the previous one, if you are able to defeat these enemies you will obtain a good number of Ergos, as well as other useful resources.

St. Frangelico Cathedral

The St. Frangelico Cathedral Bridge is another place you can go to get a good number of Ergos. It is located right behind the Stargazer and is full of enemies that are already fighting each other, which will make your life easier since they will tend to inflict damage and kill each other.

st fragelico cathedral

Lies of P Farming Ergo Guide: How to Get Ergo and Best Spots
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