Lies of P Crescent Moonstone Farm Locations

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Lies of P Crescent Moonstone Farm Locations

Lies of P is a game where leveling up your weapons is vital if you want to get the better of your opponents. However, to be able to do this you need to be in possession of some items without which it is impossible to upgrade your weapons. In addition to having to be in possession of handles and blades that allow you to customize your weapons and Ergos as you like, you must be in possession of Moonstones, which are divided into three different classes. In this article Lies of P Crescent Moonstone farm locations article, we will explain in detail where to go to find this object of fundamental importance for the game's economy.

Where to find Crescent Moonstone in Lies of P

Although finding these items is very important, it is not such a simple thing to do since there are no specific locations such as shops or chests. For this reason, our advice is to follow this guide so that you can get to the best Lies of P Crescent Moonstone farm locations.

Moonlight City

One of the best Lies of P Crescent Moonstone farm locations is Moonlight City. In order to get to the exact point where you can find this object, all you have to do is teleport to the Stargazer in the area. Once you've done that, you'll have to go up the hill, over the bridge, and into the hole you will find nearby (it's not hard to see, so you can't miss it). At this point, continue following the river until you come across the Dimensional Butterflies, enemies who, if defeated, will reward you with a Crescent Moonstone.

St. Frangelico Cathedral

Another area where you can find this item is St. Frangelico Cathedral. Once you are in the chapel, all you have to do is follow the main path which, at a certain point, will take you to a place where you will have to jump on some moving mechanisms. Once you manage to pass them (be very careful at this stage), you will have to kick the brazier and then head to the left to find a ladder. Once you arrive in this area, explore it well to find the Crescent Moonstone. Furthermore, another of these objects can also be found in the bookcase (you can't miss it, it's part of the main path), near a wooden table.

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lies of p crescent moonstone farm locations

Rose Isabelle Street

As soon as you find yourself at the entrance to Rose Isabelle Street, head straight to the stairs leading to the burning gate. Near it, in a briefcase, is where you will find the first Crescent Moonstone. The second, however, you will find by killing a Dimensional Butterfly which is also found in this area, shortly after defeating the White Lady. Finally, after managing to get past the sewer part, just at the exit, turn left, and there you will find a door that will lead you directly to the Stargazer in the area, where you can find the third Crescent Moonstone.

Barren Swamp

Another of the best Lies of P Crescent Moonstone farm locations is the Barren Swamp. The first item is located right outside the house which is on the left side of the dump, right at the beginning of the area. The second item, however, can be found by continuing towards the cliff until you find the hill that leads to the ruins. Continue until you find a small wooden beam that you can walk on and which will allow you to reach the object. Finally, the third item you can find on the highest part of the tower once you reach the canyon.

Malum District

In this Lies of P area, you can find two Crescent Moonstones. The first can be found in an alley near the Red Lobster Inn, right near the entrance. The second, however, you can find behind a Dog Carcass that bursts through the metal gates, not long after having had your encounter with Harlequin.

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Black Seaside

Finally, another of the Lies of P Crescent Moonstone farm locations that we want to recommend is the Black Seaside. While you are walking through this area, which is impossible to miss because it allows you to get to the other Stargazer, you can find up to four Crescent Moonstones scattered on the desert beach. Consequently, our advice is to proceed slowly and explore well.

Can you buy Crescent Moonstones?

If you are wondering if there is an easier and faster way to obtain these items, the answer is yes. In fact, Lies of P will give you the opportunity to buy Crescent Moonstones (and the other Moonstones that are available in the game) from the Hotel Krat. However, this option will not be available from the beginning but must be unlocked by bringing a special item to the receptionist puppet. Don't know where to find it? Don't worry, we'll explain it to you.

This item can be found after the clocktower area and right before facing the fourth boss of the game. Explore the area in question to find it, which shouldn't be very tedious as it isn't difficult to find. Once found, all you have to do is bring it back to the puppet in the hotel and this will allow you to expand the seller's inventory. At this point, you will be able to purchase the Crescent Moonstone (or the other Moonstones) for 300 Ergo.

lies of p crescent moonstone farm locations

Lies of P Crescent Moonstone Farm Locations
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