Lies of P Green Monster of the Swamp: How to Beat it

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Lies of P Green Monster of the Swamp: How to Beat it

It was well known that Lies of P was not a simple game, but Neowiz's title also hits some really high difficulty points. One of these is certainly the clash with the Lies of P Green Monster of the Swamp boss, the one we placed in first position in our ranking of the Lies of P hardest bosses. Defeating this boss will not be very easy, in fact, you will have to be ready to persevere and not be discouraged, also because you will have to face him quite soon.

How to beat Green Monster of the Swamp

Like most of the bosses in the game, the Green Monster of the Swamp is also characterized by a battle that is divided into two different phases. For this reason, in this article, we have decided to explain in detail what to do and what to watch out for in each of the two phases of this battle against a boss that will put both your skills and your patience to the test. Before starting this battle, our advice is to upgrade your weapon as much as possible and equip items such as the Flame or the Electric Blitz Grindstone, which will certainly prove useful.

Phase 1

During the course of the first phase, you will see the boss appear in his normal form: a sort of mutated spider. This phase is the simplest of the two, especially if you will use a specter, but this does not mean that you should take it lightly, as being able to overcome this phase unscathed or in any case suffering as little damage as possible is important to preserve Pulse Cells for the second phase.

If you find yourself at a distance from the Green Monster of the Swamp, he will use two different attacks to close the distance between him and you. The first attack will be to dig and move towards you, while for the second attack, he will use a Fury attack which will allow him to get close to you in the blink of an eye. The most effective strategy to use to avoid being hit by these two attacks is to dodge the first attack just before the boss emerges from the ground and to run backwards in the case of the second attack.

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Another thing you will have to pay special attention to is the fact that the Green Monster of the Swamp will spit a substance that will cause the Decay status if you are near it. Furthermore, his tentacles are capable of grabbing you, which will only fill the effect bar. Also keep in mind that, again during the first phase, this Lies of P boss is able to attack you with his limbs, even if these attacks are quite simple to dodge.

Finally, our advice to best overcome this phase is to summon a ghost that can distract the boss, so that you have the opportunity to get behind him more easily. Why adopt this technique? Simple. If you manage to hit the boss from that position, you will be able to inflict greater damage on him, making the entire fight last less.

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Phase 2

Once the first phase is completed, the Green Monster of the Swamp will grab a discarded puppet and use it to enter its body. In this second phase, the boss will be much faster and more dangerous than in the first phase, so you will have to be even more careful and prudent in landing your attacks and avoiding those of the boss. This second phase is, in fact, the reason why we consider this Lies of P boss the most difficult one to face.

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As for his attacks, the Green Monster of the Swamp will make use of a charging attack, which will allow him to run towards your direction. Be careful because this is an attack that will repeat three times and then be concluded with a Fury attack. So, consequently, be very ready to dodge these attacks so as not to be hit.

Another attack in this boss' arsenal is one that allows him to jump into the air and then try to fall on you, very similar to that of the Corrupted Parade Master. Again, he will jump into the air three times and then finish the combo with a Fury attack. The strategy to adopt is to try to move as much as possible so that it is also more difficult for the boss to hit you with this combo.

In any case, the main advice we give you and that you should follow to try to defeat this Lies of P boss is to not attack the Green Monster of the Swamp from the front. If you even try to use this strategy, you will end up taking a lot of damage and dying. The safest approach is always to try to get behind him and hit him from that position. Furthermore, you can also make use of the Flame or Electric Grindstone which will prove to be really useful in this type of battle.

Ultimately, we can say that defeating the Green Monster of the Swamp will absolutely not be a walk in the park. Even before starting this boss fight, try to level up as much as possible and upgrade your weapon, so that each shot inflicts more damage. However, once you manage to defeat this fearsome boss, you will be rewarded with the Puppert-Devouring Green Hunter's Ergo and the Golden Ergo.

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Lies of P Green Monster of the Swamp: How to Beat it
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