Lies of P Hardest Bosses, Ranked

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Lies of P Hardest Bosses, Ranked

Lies of P is absolutely not an easy game to complete. The game world is full of dangers and fearsome bosses to face, both as regards the main bosses and the optional bosses. For this reason, in this Lies of P hardest bosses article, we have decided to draw up a list of the most difficult bosses that you will have to face during your adventure. Some of them are mandatory to be able to see the credits while others are optional and may not be fought. However, we decided to also include the last ones because, among the optional bosses in the game, there are some that will give you some headaches.

Nameless Puppet – 6/10

As we have already explained in the article in which we show you how to obtain all the Lies of P endings, this boss is missable. To be able to fight this last boss, you will have to refuse to give Geppetto the heart during the conversation you have once you have defeated Simon Manus.

This boss fight consists of two phases. In the first, the simplest one, his attacks are quite static and simple to parry. The real difficulty comes in the second phase. Here he will become faster and to get the upper hand you will have to learn his pattern and parry and dodge as much as possible.

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King's Flame, Fuoco – 6.5/10

This is the first difficult boss you will encounter in Lies of P. It is a puppet that resembles a furnace and has a hammer and a hand cannon as weapons. This boss fight is definitely an excellent first test to see if you have understood the game mechanics well.

As with most bosses, this one also has a double phase. During the first, our advice is not to land more than 3 attacks in order to then be able to dodge his attacks. Phase two will begin with the boss releasing fire into the arena, so be careful not to get hit. The best strategy to follow is to hide to avoid the cannonball shots and you will have to pay attention to the air attacks.

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Black Rabbit Brotherhood – 7/10

This boss fight is basically a new fight with the three remaining clan members and a revived version of Eldest. The difficulty of this boss fight lies in the fact that you have to fight against three enemies at the same time in a small arena. The thing you can do is try to position yourself behind them and hit them from there to inflict more damage. However, be careful not to take elemental damage and try to dodge and parry as much as possible.

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As soon as you defeat one, Eldest will return to the ring to face you a second time. Our advice, in this case, is to focus on Eldest, as he is the only one who must be killed. Obviously, always pay attention to the attacks of the other two.

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Laxasia, The Complete – 7/10

This boss is basically a huge armored soldier armed with a large sword. In addition to hitting you with the weapon, he will also use electricity, so pay attention to elemental damage. As usual for other Lies of P bosses, this boss fight is also divided into two different phases.

During the first phase, this enemy will try to hit you with long sequences of attacks, and then use electricity. Dodge and parry the attacks and you shouldn't have much trouble getting through this phase. The second phase, however, is much more complex, as Laxasia will be decidedly faster. Here too, the best strategy is to dodge attacks and have as many Pulse Cells available as possible.

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Simon Manus, Arm of God and Simon Manus, Awakened God – 7/10

This is the last boss of the game and, surprisingly, it is certainly not the most difficult boss to defeat. There are other Lies of P bosses that will make you more difficult. He is of great stature and presents himself in the corrupted Ergo form. This boss also features a two-phase fight.

In the first phase, focus on parrying and dodging his attacks, and then attack as soon as you have the chance. In the second phase, however, be careful not to be contaminated by the Disruption element, since, once the status bar is full, it will be instant death.

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Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood – 7.5/10

During this fight you will find yourself 1 against 4. For this reason, it is one of the hardest Lies of P bosses to face. However, you won't have to face the enemies all at once, but our advice is still to make use of a specter which could make your life a little easier. This boss fight is made up of three phases.

In the first phase, land a maximum of 2/3 blows and then step back to dodge or parry attacks. During the second phase, however, one of Eldest's henchmen will come into play. The strategy to follow is similar for all humanoid enemies: try to get behind them and attack from that position. Finally, during the third phase, if you are fast enough, you can kill Eldest before his third henchman makes his entrance.

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Mad Clown Puppet – 7.5/10

This boss fight is optional, so you can decide to skip it. However, despite its optional nature, it is certainly no walk in the park. In fact, it's one of the hardest Lies of P bosses to fight. His arsenal of moves is very varied, so memorizing them all might not be an easy thing. Our advice is to try to parry as many attacks as possible in a short time, so as to stagger him and be able to vent your anger by attacking him and inflicting a lot of damage.

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King of Puppets – 7.5/10

This is a large armed puppet that will definitely give you a hard time. To defeat him more easily, we recommend making use of a specter during the first phase and landing a couple of hits at a time as you move around the arena. In the second phase, however, Romeo will come out of his armor and the battle will become more interesting. Here you can decide to use a couple of attacks and go defensive or try to block them and have a more offensive approach. It's up to you to decide.

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Champion Victor – 8/10

One of the Lies of P hardest bosses is definitely Champion Victor. This large humanoid is super fast and powerful. As with almost all the bosses in Lies of P, this one also has a two-phase battle. In the first phase, make use of a ghost that can distract him, and so you can land some hits. During the second phase, however, you dodge his attacks and then strike once his attack sequence ends.

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Green Monster of the Swamp and Puppet-Devouring Green Monster – 8.5/10

This particular boss looks a lot like a spider that transforms into a mechanized puppet mid-battle. This boss fight also consists of two phases and we can consider it the most difficult of Lies of P. Therefore, prepare well and be ready to die several times.

During the first phase, we advise you to stay as close as possible to the monster, in order to avoid its pierce attacks. Also, always make good use of parries and dodges. In the second phase, however, he will use completely different moves from the first phase. Here too, try to parry and dodge as much as possible, and then hit him as soon as you have the chance.

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