Lies of P All Endings: How to Get Them

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Lies of P All Endings: How to Get Them

As was announced before its release, Lies of P has several endings. Each of these can be achieved by carrying out specific in-game actions, some of which are quite difficult to find. For this reason, in this Lies of P all Endings article, we have decided to describe in detail all the steps to follow to unlock all the endings in the game. Obviously, given the nature of this article, there will be some spoilers regarding the plot, so keep this in mind before reading further.

Lies of P endings: Real Boy

The Real Boy ending can be considered the worst ending you can get. But what do you have to do to get it? Once you have defeated Simon Manus and used the elevator in the center of the room to go down, you will meet Geppetto right in front of you. He will start a small conversation with this character, during which Geppette will congratulate you on everything you have done and will tell you that, thanks to the Ergo obtained, he is now able to transform you into a real person.

To do this, however, you will have to give him your heart. At this point, in fact, you will be presented with a choice on the screen: “Give heart” or “Refuse”. To get this ending, you will have to choose the “Give heart” option. Geppetto will rip your heart out of your rib cage and place it inside a box. Once you return to Hotel Krat, Geppetto will be found on the stairs outside the hotel, ready to leave. At this point, covered in blood and with a grin on his face, Geppetto will welcome Carlo, having as a backdrop the corpses of the people who resided inside the hotel.

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lies of p all endings

Lies of P endings: Rise of P

This ending is most likely the one you will get when you beat the game for the first time. Once again, after defeating the final boss Simon Manus, and using the elevator to go down to the room below the one where the battle took place, you will meet Geppetto. The conversation you will have will be identical to the one we described for the previous ending, the difference will be in your response.

Unlike the first ending, in this case, you will have to choose the “Refuse” option. However, Geppetto will not take your decision kindly and will decide to use the Ergo you obtained to give life to the Nameless Puppet found in the nearby chest. This event will mean that you will have to fight one last boss fight against the Nameless Puppet.

During combat, your opponent will appear to have the upper hand on you. Consequently, at a certain point, Geppetto will intervene in the fight and decide to sacrifice himself to help you. Once you launch the decisive attack against the boss, Geppetto will apologize to you for his deeds and will die. At this point, once the sun rises again over the city of Krat, you will find Sophia's puppet and transfer your Ergo to her to give her life, but sacrificing yours in the process.

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lies of p all endings

Lies of P endings: Free from the puppet string

This is without a doubt the most difficult ending to obtain in Lies of P, as you will have to choose certain things during your adventure. But don't worry, below we will explain exactly what to do to get this ending. First of all, the first thing to do is to always tell the truth, whenever the possibility presents itself. Until you defeat the Laxasia boss, this is your only concern.

Once the aforementioned boss has been defeated, however, there will be some specific choices to make. In this case, immediately after the boss fight, you will meet Sophia and start a conversation with her. Here you will have two options to choose from: Choose the “Let her live” option. Shortly after, you will have to defeat the boss Simon Malus and, shortly before dying, he will ask you what you did to Sophia. Also in this case you will have two possibilities: choose “I liberated her from Arche Abbey”.

At this point, you can use the elevator to go down to the room below, where you will meet Geppetto. Here too, as we have already seen you can choose between two different options: choose “Refuse”. This will mean that you will have to fight the Nameless Puppet again and everything will go as already indicated in the Rise of P ending. However, the difference is that instead of apologizing to you before dying, Geppetto will continue to be angry and call you a “useless puppet”.

lies of p all endings

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