Lies of P Bosses: All Main Bosses Listed

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Lies of P Bosses: All Main Bosses Listed

What are the Lies of P bosses? As in any self-respecting soulslike, in Lies of P there are a myriad of bosses to defeat, some linked to the story and others optional, some more difficult to face than the others. In this article, we decided to create a complete list of all the Lies of P main bosses, also giving you some basic tips on them, so that you are prepared to fight them all. If you are looking for an article where all the Lies of P bosses are present in the same place, this is the right article for you.

Lies of P Parade Master

This is the first boss you will encounter. It practically serves as a tutorial to explain the game mechanics in a little more detail and what to do to face the Lies of P bosses. You will encounter this boss as soon as you find the first merchant in the game (here is a complete list with all the Lies of P merchants), but don't worry about this premature encounter.

Although it is the first boss and therefore you may paradoxically have more difficulty killing this one than the others, since you have not yet fully mastered the game mechanics, in reality, it is a fairly simple boss to fight. The battle consists of two phases, but our advice is to dodge whenever you can to avoid getting hit. By doing this, you shouldn't have much trouble defeating him.

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Lies of P Mad Donkey

You will encounter this boss at the end of the bridge, after defeating the tutorial boss. This boss will be busy annoying Geppetto, so your task is to defeat him to save your creator. If you have unlocked the shortcut by activating the elevator in the area, you can get to the scene of the battle directly using the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard Stargazer.

This is the first Sweeper you will encounter, but also the only one you actually need to defeat to continue the story. The most useful strategy to defeat this boss is to be able to make perfect guards and try to always be behind him. By doing so, you will be able to land a hit that will deal a lot of damage to him.

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Lies of P Scrapped Watchman

You will find this boss in the Krat Hotel Hall Courtyard, shortly after defeating the previous boss. This is the first boss fight in which you will be able to summon a specter to help you in battle, therefore, since at this point you will certainly have collected some Star Fragments, it is an option to take into consideration, especially to understand how this dynamic works of game.

All in all, it is a boss that is not particularly difficult to face. Our advice is to pay particular attention to his heavy attacks which cannot be blocked, especially if you intend to perform a perfect guard. For the rest, it is a boss fight that shouldn't give you too many worries.

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Lies of P King's Flame, Fuoco

This boss fight will take place shortly after you meet Venigni in his factory. This is a boss fight consisting of two phases. The first is mostly very linear and with the help of a spectrum you will be able to pass it quite easily; the second, however, is a little more difficult and is certainly the most complex so far.

In the second phase, the boss will turn the ground into fire more insistently, so you will have to pay close attention. If you can't get out of range, our advice is to make use of the large pillars that are present in the arena to avoid being hit. Our advice is to use a hide-and-attack technique. That is, hide behind the pillars and once he has charged you and is vulnerable for a few seconds, launch your attacks.

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Lies of P Fallen Archbishop Andreus

Get ready for this boss fight, because it is a fairly difficult battle to overcome. Although it is a boss that you will find towards the beginning of the game, it is a very difficult boss to face, against which you will have to persevere a lot if you want to bring home victory and proceed through the story.

Unlike the other bosses encountered so far in which the second phase was activated when the boss lost half of his life, this boss instead has a full-fledged two-stage fight. In fact, once you have managed to defeat him for the first time (not without some difficulty, in fact), the boss will completely restore his life and the second phase of the battle will begin. For this boss fight, our advice is to try to keep your ghost alive for as long as possible. Furthermore, in case you see that the battle is going well and you have a concrete chance of victory, make use of the Thermites to inflict fire damage.

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Lies of P Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

Once you reach the end of the Malum District area, you will have to face this boss. What makes this boss fight quite difficult to face is not the boss himself, but the fact that he will be helped by mobs that will appear in different phases of the fight. As a result, you will have to watch out for multiple enemies at once.

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The right strategy in this boss fight is to be a little defensive and not go on the attack right away. Also in this case, try to make your spirits survive as long as possible as it will prove to be very useful especially against small enemies, so that you can dedicate yourself to the boss. For the boss himself, the technique is more or less always the same: try to stay behind him and attack him from behind to inflict greater damage.

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Lies of P Romeo, King of Puppets

This boss is practically the watershed between the first part of the game and the second. Also in this case, you will have to deal with a two-stage boss, but you will not always fight against the same enemy, but rather against two different enemies. As a result, you will have to pay close attention to the multitude of different attacks that you will have to learn to deal with.

The first phase is simpler than the second. The boss in question will use swinging strikes most of the time which you will have to try to avoid or perfect guard. However, not all of his attacks can be parried, so be ready to dodge a multitude of different attacks as well. For the second phase of the first stage, our advice is to keep your distance, and then move closer when he pushes his arms around.

Once the King of Puppets has been defeated, the time has come to defeat Romeo, the man who lives inside it. Romeo will mainly make use of combos, so with the right timing and the right strategy you will be able to defeat him quite easily. Our advice is to keep running and avoid blocking his attacks, as it would be useless. Then when you have the chance, move closer to hit him. For its second phase, the strategy to follow is the same.

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Lies of P Champion Victor

The strengths of this Lies of P boss are its strength and its speed, so you will have to pay close attention to these two things. For the first part of the fight, the strategy is to stay at a distance and, once the boss has finished unleashing his combos, you will have a window in which you can attack. However, be careful of its close attacks and the fact that it may jump into the air and then land on you.

When his life reaches half a bar, the second phase of the fight will begin. Although his attacks become more dangerous, his pattern will not change. Consequently, follow the same strategy and try to get behind him to hit him from that position. By doing so, you will be able to defeat the boss without too much difficulty.

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Lies of P Green Moster of the Swamp

This boss also consists of two phases and is not at all easy to defeat. During the first phase, the boss will be in its natural form. His attacks are attacks that try to close the distance between him and you, so pay close attention and try to dodge them. If you are nearby, however, the monster will make use of a substance that causes the decay state. For this phase, as usual, try to stay behind the boss and hit him from there, perhaps also making use of a ghost.

The second phase, however, is the most complex one as the monster will become faster and more dangerous. However, the strategy to follow remains almost identical: do not approach the boss from the front, but always try to stay behind him to hit him from that position and prevent him from inflicting the Decay state on you. Although he is a difficult boss to face, with a little patience and practice you will be able to defeat him.

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Lies of P Puppet Devouring Green Monster

To defeat this boss you will have to test your understanding of the game system, even more than previous bosses. This boss is also characterized by a fight divided into two different phases. However, if you have learned how to manage Lies of P's combat system well, the boss fight will not be overly complicated but will serve as preparation for the final bosses of the game.

This boss has many combos that end with an attack that cannot be blocked so our advice is to try to interrupt the combo or avoid the last hit. Also, keep in mind that this boss is susceptible to fire damage, so if you have items or weapons that deal this damage, now is a good time to use them. For the second phase, we advise you to dodge his attacks and wait for the right moment to launch your attacks.

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Lies of P Corrupted Parade Master

This Lies of P boss is basically an enhanced version of the first boss you will encounter in the game. Consequently, the strategy we have indicated for the first boss remains effective, even if you will have to pay attention to some additional attacks of the boss.

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Our advice is to pay particular attention to his rampaging attacks which inflict a lot of damage, as well as the mobs that the boss will summon during the course of the battle, once his health has dropped to 50%. So, in addition to paying attention to the boss itself, you will also have to keep an eye on the minions who can be very annoying and inflict unwanted damage on you.

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Lies of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood

This is definitely one of the most difficult Lies of P bosses to face. When you are called to defeat this boss you will now be towards the end of the game, so things will have become quite complicated. The difficulty of this battle lies in the fact that you have to face three enemies at the same time, which will make you perish almost immediately if you don't adopt the right strategy. Furthermore, you will then also have to face a resurrected version of the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.

Our advice is to pay attention to the various enemy attacks, as they will not only cause simple damage but also elemental damage. If you are fast enough, you will be able to kill these enemies before the Eldest even arrives in the ring. Otherwise, we advise you to focus on him as he is the only one who must be defeated. For the leader of the group, all you have to do is follow the same strategy we indicated previously.

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Lies of P Laxasia the Complete

At this point, we are in the final area of the game. It is a large humanoid boss who uses a large sword to launch his attacks. Like other bosses in the genre, this boss will use many combos to attack you, so timing is the most important thing. Keep in mind that you will not be safe from his attacks until you see Laxasia carry her sword on his shoulder. At that point, you will have a window in which you can launch your attacks.

Laxasia also has a large shield on her back that doesn't allow you to use the attack-from-behind strategy. Our advice, however, is to do it anyway in such a way as to break the shield and then be able to use this technique to make the fight easier. The second phase, however, is the most complex one, as he will start to rise into the sky and use electric bolts towards you. The strategy here is to survive and avoid all of his attacks, and then strike when he stops for a few seconds.

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Lies of P Simon Manus, Awakened God

We've reached the last of the Lies of P bosses you'll have to face (technically, it might not be the last, it depends on which Lies of P ending you choose). Obviously, as you can well imagine, this boss also consists of a double phase. Therefore, prepare yourself for a long battle against this boss.

During the first phase, our advice is to pay attention to his melee attacks and be able to dodge and/or parry them. Additionally, also, watch out for air attacks that he might use from time to time. You can also make use of a ghost, if you want, to make the fight easier.

If the first phase is quite simple to deal with, the same cannot be said for the second phase. In fact, it will be much more complex than the first and will require skills and a much greater degree of attention. Pay attention to the explosions that the boss will cause, as well as his energy waves. Furthermore, all his attacks in the first phase will be faster and more dangerous. Our advice is to try to avoid his attacks and wait for the moment when he takes short breaks to land your attacks and defeat him.

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Lies of P Nameless Puppet

This boss is part of the main bosses only if you decide to get a certain Lies of P ending (as we have explained in detail in this article). This is, in reality, the real final boss, so facing him will certainly not be a walk in the park. As a result, you will have to rely on everything you have learned in the game to be able to defeat him.

As usual, this boss fight is also characterized by two phases. The good thing is that it will make use of techniques and attacks that you have already had the opportunity to know when competing against other bosses in the game, so you will already have to know what to do in each situation. In any case, our advice is to pay attention to his combos, which are very quick and inflict a large amount of damage. As soon as you have the chance, come forward and don't be afraid to respond to his attacks.

As for the second phase, things get more complicated. The boss's attacks will be more dangerous and difficult to avoid. However, as we have already said for the first phase, the strategy to follow is to wait for a moment of downtime and attack to inflict damage on your opponent. With a little patience and a lot of perseverance, you will be able to defeat the real final boss of Lies of P.

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