Lies of P Corrupted Parade Master: How to Beat it

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Lies of P Corrupted Parade Master: How to Beat it

In Lies of P, you will have to face many bosses in order to reach the end credits, some of them are mandatory while others may not even be fought, it depends on what you choose to do. One of the bosses you will have to face is the Lies of P Corrupted Parade Master, a mutated version of the first boss you will encounter in Lies of P. In this article, therefore, we will explain in detail how to defeat this boss.

How to beat Corrupted Parade Master

By necessity, to get to this point, you will have had to defeat the Parade Master boss (which we have indicated in our Lies of P easiest bosses to face). Consequently, the good news is that this mutated version of the boss has more or less the same type of moves and therefore the strategy used to defeat the first boss also applies to this new version.

Unlike other bosses in Lies of P, the Corrupted Parade Master does not have two phases and the fight will be more or less linear throughout. To succeed in this battle, what you will have to do is pay particular attention to three types of attacks that we will indicate precisely below.

The first attack you should pay attention to is his double dash into swing. You will recognize this attack as the boss will bring his weapon behind his head, move forward twice, and then perform a horizontal swing. The strategy to use in this case is to dodge his attack by going towards him and then attack with a combo. However, be careful because in some cases this attack will not be a single attack but rather a combo, so be careful and pay attention to whether the boss will bring his weapon behind his head again once the first attack has concluded.

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The second attack that you must absolutely avoid is the body slam. You can recognize this attack because the Corrupted Parade Master will take a few steps forward before jumping and trying to fall on you. Again, the winning strategy is to dodge towards him right before he hits the ground so you can attack him. A variation of this attack will cause the boss to flail around, but you will be able to recognize this different version of the attack because the boss will raise his tentacled hand into the sky as soon as he hits the ground.

Finally, watch out for his haymaker, which is an attack in which the Corrupted Parade Master will turn his torso, run towards you with his tentacled hand in the air, and then attack you with it. Be ready to dodge this attack, paying close attention to the fact that it is not a combo that ends with a Fury attack. To determine this, once the first attack is over, see if the boss doesn't raise his hand to the sky again.

As for all the other attacks that are part of his arsenal, you just need to run and avoid them, so that you can't get hit and therefore you won't take damage. Pay attention to small mobs that could be called into question during the battle against this Lies of P boss. If they appear, kill them immediately to avoid receiving unwanted damage.

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The last thing to keep in mind is what is probably his most dangerous attack and that is the grad attack. However, he will only use this attack if you are very close to him, so our advice is to always be at a certain distance and only approach when you have the window open for attacks, after the boss himself has attacked. Once you defeat this Lies of P boss, you will get a Full Moonstone, a Quartz, and some Ergo as a reward.

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Lies of P Corrupted Parade Master: How to Beat it
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