LEC: Fnatic v G2 Spring Split 2022 Playoffs Recap

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LEC: Fnatic v G2 Spring Split 2022 Playoffs Recap

The Semi-Final of the Spring Split 2022 saw Fnatic v G2 once again take to the Rift. Who would come out on top to face Rogue on Sunday?

It comes down to just Rogue, Fnatic and G2 in the final weekend of the LEC Spring Split. With Rogue already secured for their Grand Final game tomorrow, it was up to Fnatic and G2 to fight for a spot. Last time out, Fnatic came out on top. Since then, G2 has looked stronger than ever, while Fnatic had a painful loss to Rogue last weekend.



Fnatic v G2 Game 1

Fnc g2 g1
Targamas was playing Renata and not Orn*

G2 picked up a key first blood as they looked to get an early advantage. They remained on top as we approached the 10-minute mark, though the lead was just 400g. FNC attempted a play on the bot side, but G2 was able to counter as they came out on top once again. The game was quickly becoming a “go next” for FNC, as they continued to lose ground across the Rift. By the 18-minute mark, G2's lead had remained stable at 3k, with FNC managing to stay within touching distance dislike the kill disadvantage. By the 24-minute mark, G2 had begun to turn the screw, forcing a baron with FNC unable to contest. With Baron, G2 increased their lead to 7k, with FNC's base wide open it looked like a matter of time. FNC tried their best but couldn't hold off the G2 attack as they claimed Game 1.


Teams: Fnatic v G2
Time: 28:47
Kills: 6-18
Turrets: 2-7
Gold: 47.3k – 54.8k
Dragons: 0-4
Barons: 0-1


Fnatic v G2 Game 2

Fnc g2 g2

First blood went over to FNC this time, though G2 quickly flipped it back. Despite the good start, G2 once again found themselves ahead in the game with a 1k lead by 11-minutes. G2's lead was extending into the mid-game, as they continued to escape FNC attacks while picking up towers and kills across the Rift. By 25-minutes, G2 had moved to 5k ahead, with FNC desperately trying to steal away G2's third Drake. They failed to stop it, as G2 looked for Baron. It'd take another few minutes but G2 would claim Baron after a 5v5 fight in the mid-lane went their way. Moments after, FNC tried to stop G2 from pushing, instead, they handed over four more kills to G2 as they looked to end. FNC failed to stop G2 as they secured Game 2 as FNC needed to reverse sweep the series.

Teams: Fnatic v G2
Time: 31:37
Kills: 5-18
Turrets: 0-6
Gold: 47.7k – 59.8k
Dragons: 1-3
Barons: 0-1


Fnatic v G2 Game 3

Fnc g2 g3

It's another first blood for G2, as FNC falters in the deciding game of the series. G2's early dominance wouldn't let up, as they secured an early 1k lead alongside their 4 kills. While G2's still remained in the lead, by 16-minutes FNC had started to come into the series. Moments later, FNC throw away 3 easy kills to G2, as things fell apart. A 5v5 broke out, and while it looked good at first for FNC, G2 came away on top once again. However, the fight allowed us a glimpse of what FNC could do, if they were allowed. FNC looked to force a fight around the Soul Drake for G2. While it started poorly, they won the fight 4-for-2 and claimed the  Drake and a Baron to go alongside it.

FNC failed to make much use of their Baron, with G2 able to push into the FNC base, delaying the series even longer. FNC had secured a 2k lead with Baron falling off. A game that looked calm and calculated just 5-minutes ago, now it's descended into a full-blown kill-fest. FNC took a risk in taking the Drake but Jankos was able to steal it, handing over an Infernal Soul to G2. The next Baron was secured by G2, with FNC caught out. G2 killed two members but FNC stay alive as G2 overstretched. FNC forced a fight in their jungle but they couldn't make it work, as G2 secured a massive 3-0 victory against their old rival.

Teams: Fnatic v G2
Time: 40:31
Kills: 17-25
Turrets: 6-7
Gold: 71.4k – 73.5k
Dragons: 2-4
Barons: 1-1

LEC: Fnatic v G2 Spring Split 2022 Playoffs Recap
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