LEC 2023 Winter Split Finals: G2 Esports vs MAD Lions Recap

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LEC 2023 Winter Split Finals: G2 Esports vs MAD Lions Recap

The Winter Split came to a close in the finals as G2 Esports faced off against MAD Lions.

Earning their spot on finals, MAD Lions finally rose to the top to face off against the beast that was G2 Esports. Being among the top teams ever since the Regular Season, fans were hyped to see who would come out the victor in their intense best-of-5 (bo5) series. In the matches that would follow, the games made fans roar with the best these heavy hitters had to offer.

With the top two teams decided, only one would be left standing on the LEC Stage. The winner of today's bo5 will be crowned as Winter split champions and will receive a fancy piece of silverware to commemorate their win. To know what happens past the finals, and all the splits to come in the EMEA League, click here.

Could Nisqy's ADC macro outpace Caps'? Would Hans Sama get to ouch his first silverware split prize? And would Chasy earn the title of best EU support? Without further ado, here is everything that happened during the LEC's 2023 Winter Split Finals:

G2 Esports vs MAD Lions (Game 1)

The pride of MAD Lions entered the stage to thunderous applause. Right off the bat, Caps took first blood and controlled his midlane with the help of Yike's Maokai. With another top lane gank, G2 was doing good in the early stages of the Final before MAD found picks to close the gap before minute 10.

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Securing 2 drakes awarded G2 Esports the gold lead into the midgame. Properly utilizing their resources gave them 3 more picks and secured another Rift Herald.  While Caps escaped by the skin of his teeth, Yike and BrokenBlade's Kled chased MAD through their jungle to secure enough kills for an insurmountable lead.

  • Teams: G2 1 – 0 MAD
  • Time: 25:10
  • Kills: 22 – 3
  • Turrets: 8 – 2
  • Gold: 52.1k – 38.7k
  • Dragons: 4 – 0
  • Barons: 1 – 0

G2 Esports vs MAD Lions (Game 2)

With both teams staying tied in the first few minutes of the game, Game 2 felt like it could go either way. Despite taking the red side, G2 won one teamfight after another until the killscore gap was wide enough for them to take any objective buff they wanted.

Two dragons in, G2 was already in the lead and released a Rift Herald on MAD's bottom lane. Regardless of the resistance, Hans Sama's 8-1-0 Samira and Yike's Gragas were strong enough to absolutely swallow any obstacle in their path. From there, the game slowly found its end. Another forceful win on the board for G2 Esports.

  • Teams: MAD 0 – 2 G2
  • Time: 27:37
  • Kills: 8 – 24
  • Turrets: 1 – 11
  • Gold: 42.9k – 58.7k
  • Dragons: 0 – 3
  • Barons: 0 – 1

G2 Esports vs MAD Lions (Game 3)

An extremely decisive match-up saw Mikyx's Heimerdinger hold the line against Chasy and Elyoya. The score stayed very close late into the game, where the focus became objective kills and intense scaling differences. Elyoya's microplay on Wukong controlled G2's snowball for a while and got them one drake over them, but with more kills spread among G2 Esports, MAD Lions scored 2 barons that they couldn't fully capitalize on, but couldn't get close enough to contest any more major objectives afterwards. Any MAD teammate that was unfortunate enough to be isolated was quickly removed from play. After  a drawn-out struggle, G2 finally eliminated the whole team to get enough time to crash into the final nexus of the Winter Split. G2 won and lifted their silver shield as the 2023 Winter Split champions!

  • Teams: MAD 0 – 3 G2
  • Time: 41:26
  • Kills: 17 – 28
  • Turrets: 6 – 9
  • Gold: 73.9k – 79.8k
  • Dragons: 3 – 3
  • Barons: 2 – 1

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LEC 2023 Winter Split Finals: G2 Esports vs MAD Lions Recap
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