League of Legends: Evil Geniuses sign Bang from 100 Thieves

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League of Legends: Evil Geniuses sign Bang from 100 Thieves

New LCS organization Evil Geniuses has secured its second major transfer of the offseason after agreeing to sign Bae “Bang” Jun-sik from 100 Thieves.

ESPN reported that an undisclosed sum of cash was part of the deal, with Bang still having time left on his current contract with 100 Thieves. It has also been speculated that if 100 Thieves fail to acquire a new AD carry this offseason Evil Geniuses’ Matthew “Deftly” Chen will join after the fact as part of the deal. Deftly joined Evil Geniuses as part of a four-player deal from Cloud9 which saw Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen, Tristan “Zeyzal” Stidam and Colin “Kumo” Zhao join the side.

Bang will join as part of a core three with Svenskeren and Zeyzal with Evil Geniuses currently weighing up its options for a new top laner and mid laner. An interesting note is that Svenskeren is now able to declare North American residency after spending 48 months in the LCS once 2019 comes to an end. This would give the team one free import spot to fill either top lane or jungle.

As for 100 Thieves, they’re now in the market for an AD carry. One fan-favorite option is that former Cloud9 AD carry Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi links up with the team after he confirmed on his Twitch that he was leaving the organization.

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100 Thieves have currently made three additions to its organization this offseason in the form of mid laner Tommy “ry0ma” Le who is expected to join the team’s academy roster and former LCK analyst Chris “PapaSmithy” Smith as the team’s new General Manager of League of Legends. Earlier today it was also confirmed that the team had resigned former jungler Meteos for the 2020 LCS season.

League of Legends: Evil Geniuses sign Bang from 100 Thieves
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