League of Legends: 100 Thieves Sign OPL Mid Laner Ry0ma

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League of Legends: 100 Thieves Sign OPL Mid Laner Ry0ma

Amongst the flurry of off-season roster moves, 100 Thieves has announced they have acquired Tommy “ry0ma” Le from Bombers, an OPL team. This isn't a pickup that many were expecting to hear and may take some by surprise.

Le has played in the Oceanic LoL scene since 2015. He has a great track record there and even won the first 2019 OPL split. He's a very strong player in the OPL that has found a decent deal of domestic success.

He also has some experience on the international stage. He has had multiple Rift Rival appearances and an MSI one just this year. He lead his teams to victories in two of these Rift Rivals tournaments, and though his run at MSI was short this year, it is notable nonetheless.

It is most likely Le will be playing in the Academy league for 100 Thieves. But 100 Thieves has had a hard time settling on a mid laner for their LCS roster throughout the past year, so it's not impossible he'll make his mark on the main stage. If he can stick to the same level of performance in the LCS that he had in the OPL, he has the potential to stand up to any mid laner.

Either way, Le will be a wild card player to watch. The OPL is a minor region, but with Le joining an NA team, it may speak to their relative strength rising globally.

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