League of Legends: PapaSmithy Set to Leave the LCK and Join 100 Thieves

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League of Legends: PapaSmithy Set to Leave the LCK and Join 100 Thieves

Chris “PapaSmithy” Smith is leaving the LCK to join 100 Thieves.

Chris “PapaSmithy” Smith is an analyst that everyone loves. Be it fans or professionals, everyone respects his opinion and loves his personality. He’s been casting in the LCK for more than four years, but now he’s taking on a new challenge. Earlier this week, PapaSmithy announced he would be leaving the LCK. With no more information, fans were left wondering where he would go.

The popular consensus was that he loved his time in Europe so much he would be casting in the LEC.

This was shut down when Smith directly denied these rumors. Now, 100 Thieves (“100T”) has announced that he will be working as their new League of Legends General Manager. This is huge news. 100T had a disappointing year, finishing 10th in the Spring and barely losing playoffs in the summer in a Tiebreaker Match against Optic Gaming. There is also a precedent to how much a single person can do from the supporting staff. Counter Logic Gaming managed to become a completely different team after just adding Weldon “Weldon” Green as their coach.

Origen managed to make it to the finals of the premiere split of the LEC, beating FNC in decisive fashion after gaining Martin “Deficio” Lynge as their general manager. Only time will tell if PapaSmithy will have the same influence on 100T, but it should be expected. With their summer performance and this addition to their staff, 100T have shown their dedication to competition and their fans. Viewers should come into Season 10 expecting great things from 100T.

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