League of Legends: Everything We Know About Milio, the Gentle Flame

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League of Legends: Everything We Know About Milio, the Gentle Flame

Learn more about the Rift's newest champion, Milio, in his latest adventure report!

Milio enters the League of Legends universe as its newest Support champion. Out of the 162 playable champions in League of Legends, a third of the total champion pool is in the support role. A Support player's goal is to assist the bottom lane “carry” in the early game. Additionally, they usually contribute the most vision on the map.

Years after the unjust exile of his grandmother Lupé, a boy was born with a talent to control the magical fire axiom. Being free-spirited, Milio soon abandoned Lupé's teachings to learn about the magic on his own. But after encountering a wounded hunter in need, his strong desire to heal lets him discover a new side to the axiom. Milio called it a “soothing fire”, an inner warmth that healed and existed within all living beings.

Milio's powers made him a quick celebrity in his small village. As his “fuemigo's” power grew, so did Lupé's vision of her family redeemed of her sister's folly. So after much preparation, the Gentle Flame left his home to set off on a brave quest to travel to the city of Ixaocan. There, he aims to challenge the Vidalion with his “furnasito” to give his family a better, happier life.

Ixaocan is an ancient city of magic entrenched deep in the mystical Shuriman Jungle. A harmony of rainforest and college of magic, the isolated city of wonders serves as the capital of Ixtal.
Ixtal is the home of elemental magic. The center of Ixaocan – and the whole of Runeterra – holds the magnificent hall of the Vidalion. This ancient artifact is capable of materializing magic itself. Trials to ascend Ixaocan's caste system occur here, the same kind of trial Lupé and her twin attempted. Other champions that hail from Ixaocan are Neeko, Nidalee and even Zilean the Chronokeeper.

Riot continuously fleshes out Milio quest by showing him writing to his family back home. Along his journeys, he can be seen hanging out with some familiar faces on the way to Ixaocan.

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Everything we know about Milio Credit: Riot Games

The official YouTube channel recently released Milio's theme, and it represents his bright-eyed personality well. The uplifting flutes represent the Gentle Flame perfectly. It inspires the bravery, as well as the innocence found at Milio's core. On top of that, we also got a look at the first concept sketches leading up to the sorcerer's final character design. We also presented adorable animatics detailing Milio's basic emotes, together with possible skill animations with his “fuemigos”.

Like every pre-release, Riot's latest LoL champ has seen plenty of leaked gameplay footage floating around the inter-webs. Footage of Milio's champion skills seemed to have been leaked, along with information about the child prodigy's powers translated from Mandarin. While tentative, these ability descriptions don't stray too far from the actual abilities showcased. These abilities were finally confirmed with Riot's official influencer ability reveals. Here's what we know about the Gentle Flame's champion skills:

  • Fired Up! (Passive) – Fuemigos that pass through allies give them bonus damage on their next attack and applies Burn to the target.
  • Ultra Mega Fire Kick (Q ability) – Launches his fuemigo forward which damages, stuns and knocks an enemy back before creating a slowing field around them
  • Cozy Campfire (W ability) – Creates a wide healing AOE field that follows an ally. A teammate that enters the field receives increased attack speed, attack range and movement speed
  • Warm Hugs (E ability) – Shields an ally and gives them a temporary speed boost. Up to 2 charges
  • Breath of Life (R ability) – Casts a large AOE that cleanses and heals allies
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Milio's entry into Runeterra means that we're getting more love for the support category. What makes the latest addition more exciting is how it'll affect the meta moving forward, especially since 2023's professional esports scene is just getting started.

It's this loving attention to detail that helps breathe life into one of the biggest international esports tournaments, and enriches a 14-year-old game that millions around the globe have come to know and furiously love.


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League of Legends: Everything We Know About Milio, the Gentle Flame
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