Latest CS2 Update Introduces Two New Maps

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Latest CS2 Update Introduces Two New Maps

The new CS2 Limited Test Beta update has made two new maps playable 

Valve has just made a major update to the CS2 Limited Test beta, bringing in Nuke and Office instead of Mirage. Alongside these map changes, they have also introduced various other updates, such as audio and movement adjustments, the casual game mode, and the feature to inspect grenades.

It appears that Valve is picking up the pace of updates for the CS2 Limited Test. The most recent major update was released earlier this month, introducing Mirage and making adjustments to the loadout and buy menu. This update marks the largest one to-date since the beta's launch in March, as it deviates from the usual one-map rotation by including two maps.

A noteworthy aspect of this update is Valve's inclusion of Nuke, a map from the “Upgrades” pool, for the first time. These upgraded maps feature updated lighting and reflections, distinguishing them from the “Touchstone” maps like Dust2 and Mirage. Furthermore, the update introduces the casual game mode to CS2, bringing it closer in line with its predecessor by expanding the range of available modes beyond the traditional 5v5 competitive mode and deathmatch. Valve has also taken steps to address movement concerns in this update, including fixing a bug that caused delayed speed recovery after crouching and refining bunnyhopping to provide a gameplay experience similar to “CS:GO running at 128 tick”.