Kyedae and Tenzin Tease Viewers with Possible VCT Game Changers Appearance

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Kyedae and Tenzin Tease Viewers with Possible VCT Game Changers Appearance

We might just see Kyedae, Tenzin, QuarterJade, Sydeon and Tupperware competing in Game Changers NA starting April 7. 

Kyedae picture by 100 Thieves

Credit: 100 Thieves

On Kyedae’s recent stream, she was seen playing scrims with prominent female Valorant streamers QuarterJade, Tenzin, Sydeon and former professional tupperware. They were being coached by former Complexity coach Ruin. Judging by the stream, tupperware played the role of IGL, which makes sense given her previous experience playing for Immortals. 

While streaming, Kyedae noticed a query from XSET ashley asking, “Are they playing in Game Changers?”

Ashley in Kyedae's chat asking if she will play in Game Changers Valorant

Kyedae answered in a ‘not-so cryptic’ way, saying, “I can’t confirm, but” followed by, “I know you’re not stupid!”

Moreover, a rather sarcastic tweet from Tenzin raised even more questions in the hearts of fans who would love to see her compete alongside other prominent figures of Valorant streaming. 

During this “coaching session,” the team under tupperware’s leadership played against collegiate teams for Valorant and even against TenZ, the star player for Sentinels. Kyedae and her squadmates in this session are all Immortals in Valorant, except for Sydeon, with a slightly lower rank.

If this team does come true, we will see four top female content creators for Valorant compete in a professional tournament for the first time. Valorant Game Changers North America’s Series One starts on April 7. The international Game Changers event will take place in São Paulo starting November 28 this year.

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