Kuala Lumpur Major: Weirdest Game Of The Qualifiers

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Kuala Lumpur Major: Weirdest Game Of The Qualifiers

The second game of the grand finals between Fnatic and TNC. Predator was expected to be a game to look out for. It was all that, and much more but not for the reasons one would be thinking. The game commenced with all players on TNC smoking and heading for mid to catch Fnatic off-guard. At the time it could be thought of as an out-of-the-box strategy to catch Fnatic off-guard.

But spectators were both intrigued and confused as players started coming back again and again to the mid lane resulting in a slug-fest from both teams. It was a nightmare for casters with kills happening left and right. Perhaps the only person still playing “DOTA” was iceiceice, as he stayed top with his Brood Mother and kept pushing the towers, much to the criticism of the casters.

But even weirder than the 4v5 situation at mid lane was the all chat call for a 9 man Roshan made by ninjaboogie. While both teams agreed for a combined attempt on Roshan, it turned out to be a trap by TNC as they backstabbed Fnatic in the pit. Fnatic, however, still had a considerable lead which TNC could not overcome, further built on by iceiceice as he took the top barracks.

The second Roshan call was made by Tims, surprisingly Fnatic agreed again and this time the two teams would actually take down Rosh. The betrayal this time came from DJ as took revenge for the previous attempt by taking down the low HP heroes. By the time this skirmish was over, TNC had lost both their top and bottom barracks and their ancient was now threatened by iceiceice and eventually, the game was closed off by Fnatic.

Whatever the result though, this game will go down as one of the most hilarious and thoroughly entertaining games of DOTA 2 this year.

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