Kroot Hunting Pack Army Set – Is It Worth It?

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Kroot Hunting Pack Army Set – Is It Worth It?

Revealed at the Las Vegas Open 2024, the Kroot Hunting Pack Army Set is almost here – but is it worth it for you to get the new T’au auxiliaries?

Even though its only the second month of 2024 Warhammer had some incredible releases: Age of Sigmar now has a proper Ushoran model, and the Mortarch of Delusion brought his court with himself. The Dark Angels also received some reinforcements in the Deathwing Assault box, and soon, the Adeptus Custodes, the Orks and the Chaos Space Marines will get some new minis as well their Codices.

Along the latter three factions, another one has a Codex coming soon: the T’au Empire. However, those fighting for the Greater Good already had some miniatures revealed at LVO with the Kroot Hunting Pack, which contains new Kroot Carnivores, a new Krootox Rider, as well as 2 new characters and a unit of 3 Krootox Rampagers. But is the new Kroot Hunting Pack box worth it?

Kroot Hunting Pack – Is It Worth It?

First let’s look at what’s inside the new Kroot Army Box:

  • 20 new Kroot Carnivores – currently 55 points for 10, but that’s subject to change in the new T’au Codex,
  • A new Krootox Rider – 35 points for 1 model, but again, it could change soon,
  • A new War Shaper and a new Flesh Shaper – at the moment there’s only one type of Kroot Shaper for 40 points, and it’s unclear if the new Shaper models will cost the same amount, but they will definitely have different abilities,
  • 3 Krootox Rampagers – these are a completely new Kroot unit, but as they are Krootox, it could be assumed that they are around the price of a Krootox Rider, both in points and in your LGS.

Kroot Hunting Pack

Now, let’s try and figure out how much these models will cost going off of Games Workshop’s current prices:

  • The current Kroot Carnivores box contains 16 models for $45, which puts the new Kroot models at somewhere around $55 to $60 depending on your localization. This could either mean 10 or 20 Kroots of the new variety, but it’s safer to say that 10 will be $60 based on Games Workshop’s current prices for similar kits,
  • The current Krootox Rider costs $32, so the new one should be around the same price or a bit more expensive, while the Krootox Rampagers will probably be around $60, going off newer, 3 mini releases such as the League of Votann Brokhyr Thunderkyn,
  • A Kroot Shaper is $20.50 at the moment so the War Shaper and Flesh Shaper will probably be $30-$40 character models – again, going off newer character releases.

Kroot Hunting Pack

Adding this up, the Kroot Hunting Pack Army Box comes out to around $250-$300, depending on the exact country you’ll be ordering it from. Remember that this is a rough estimate, but as Army Boxes usually cost around $200-$220, the new T’au Empire box is a bang for your buck. If you consider that these models won’t be available for some time after the box set releases, you’re even better off, as you’ll get access to some “prerelease” miniatures.

Kroot Hunting Pack

While the Kroot Hunting Pack hasn’t been revealed for pre-order yet, it shouldn’t be long before our favourite T’au Auxilaries join the fray. Keep an eye on ESTNN for more news about the new Kroot models!

Kroot Hunting Pack Army Set – Is It Worth It?
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