Warhammer February Miniature of the Month 2024

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Warhammer February Miniature of the Month 2024

Warhammer Miniature of the Month 2024. February MiniatureRevealed alongside the latest coin.

The Miniature of the month is a free monthly model for people who head to their local Warhammer store. The Miniature changes each month and is normally themed around that month's major army release. So, for example, when the Astra Militarum got a refresh, we were given a Shock Trooper as that month's free Miniature . The Miniature is free, though some stores will require you to build the model in-store and take it home in a nice little box.

Alongside the Miniature of the month, you can also pick up that months collectable coin. These coins are not free, but are given to people who meet the minimum spend (it's $100 for those in the USA). Once you collect 6 coins you can get a free display case for them.

Warhammer February Miniature of the Month

MotM Jan29 Mini

A free valorous Cryptguard can be yours this month, and will be available at your local store from February 3rd. These are limited stock, of course, so better to arrive early. Alongside the Miniature , your local store will also have a selection of paints picked out to help you paint your new Miniature . A selection of 10 paints will be picked out, though you can choose any 10 you like, and you'll get the most expensive one for free. For February, the recommended paints are:

  • Rakarth Flesh
  • Pallid Wych Flesh
  • Morghast Bone
  •  Stegadon Scale Green
  •  Thondia Brown
  •  Leadbelcher
  •  Ratling Grime
  •  Skrag Brown
  •  Flash Gitz Yellow
  • Word Bearers Red
New Cities of Sigmar and Flesh-eater Courts Spearhead Boxes – Are They Worth It?

You can also pick up a free Space Marine and Stormcast Eternal Vindictor models, with a free painting tutorial for your trouble. See this as your gateway into the hobby, and also into both 40k and Age of Sigmar's most popular factions.

Cryptguard Painting Guide from GW

Warhammer February Collectable Coin

MotM Jan29 Coin

The February coin will celebrate the Black Library, with the early period of the year often full of new releases and special editions.

Warhammer 2024 Miniature of the Month – Previous Months

A look back at all the Miniatures of the month for 2024 so far.

Warhammer January Miniature of the Month – Fellgor Ravagers

MiniOfMonth Jan1 Image1

Available until February 3rd while stocks last.

This shaggy-furred beastman is part of the Fellgor Ravagers kill team, a set of brutal, bestial warriors that you can use in your far-future skirmish battles. They can also pull double duty as part of a Chaos Space Marines army in Warhammer 40,000, adding savage fury to your force.

Warhammer February Miniature of the Month 2024
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