Warhammer LVO Reveals – All the Reveals of the Las Vegas Open

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Warhammer LVO Reveals – All the Reveals of the Las Vegas Open

Did you miss the stream showing everything new coming to all of the Games Workshop systems? Don't worry, here are all of the Warhammer LVO Reveals.

4 months have passed since the last big reveal stream done by Games Workshop. The World Championships of Warhammer had some great surprises, such as the return of the Summerking, the debut of a terryfing new Kill Team as well as the new Dark Angels figures. With one of the biggest independent Warhammer event, the Las Vegas Open taking place on Friday, it's time for another batch of reveals. Here's everything that was showed in the reveal stream on the official Warhammer Twitch channel!

Warhammer LVO Reveals – Everything Showed on the Reveal Stream

Warhammer 40k Kill Team – Drukhari Mandrakes

Warhammer LVO Reveals Mandrakes

The Night Lords Chaos Space Marine Kill Team was revealed back at the World Championships of Warhammer, but now, their adversaries are also here! Drukhari finally get plastic Mandrakes, which are playable on both 40k and Kill Team. The new Dark Eldar kit is also a unique one, with all of the models having different poses and special abilities in Kill Team.

Warhammer LVO Reveals Drukhari

Warhammer 40k Kill Team New Terrain – The Generatorium

With the new season of Kill Team comes a new piece of terrain for the Skirmish game of 40k called the Generatorium, which is a great centerpiece terrain piece for both the big and small versions of the 41st millenium.

Warhammer LVO Reveals Generatorium

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Warcry – New Boxed Set with Lumineth Realmlords and Nighthaunt Warbands

Lumineth Realm-lords – Ydrilan Riverblades

The Temple of Water debuts in Warcry with the Ydrilan Riverblades, an elite force of Lumineth warriors. They dance gracefully around their opponents without getting hit, slaying them in the process. Hitting fast and hard, they are a fearful force in both Warcry and Age of Sigmar.

Warhammer LVO Reveals Lumineth

Nighthaunt – Pyregheists

The afterlife of temple guardians and defenders of other sacred places, the Pyregheists are an incredible addition to any Nighthaunt army, as well as a fiery Warband for Warcry. Monks and warriors in life, their souls were stolen by Nagash to serve them even after they were extinghuished.

Warhammer LVO Reveals Nighthaunt

Seraphon Terrain Piece – Idol of the Old Ones

Filled with magical power, the Idol of the Old Ones is a great centrepiece for Warhammer Age of Sigmar Warcry, made of gold and jade.

Warhammer LVO Reveals Seraphon

New Warband Tome

All the new rules will be available in the new Warband Tome coming with the Nighthaunt and Lumineth Warbands.

Warhammer LVO Reveals Warband Tome

Warhammer 40k – Some Auxilaries to help the T'au Empire

Kroot! Kroot! Kroot!

Finally, new updated (and plastic) models have been revealed for the biggest auxilaries of the T'au Empire, the Kroot. New Carnivores have been revealed, providing the core of any Kroot Detachment (or even army).

Warhammer LVO Reveals Kroot Carnivores

A new Kroot Flesh Shaper is also coming to lead his brethren into battle, guiding them spiritually.

Warhammer LVO Reveals Kroot Flesh Shaper

If the Flesh Shaper is a spiritual leader, the War Shaper is a tactical one, turning the tides of the battle.

Warhammer LVO Reveals Kroot War Shaper

T'au will finally have cavalry! These Krootox Rampagers can provide a shock force, charging into the thick of battle, making way for the other forces.

Warhammer LVO Reveals Krootox Rampagers

Of course, the Krootox Rider is getting a refresh alongside the Carnivores, so the auxilaries are also good in shooting.

Warhammer LVO Reveals Krootox Riders

This is only half of the new Kroot models, which are coming in the Kroot Hunting Pack Army Set, as well as the new T'au Codex, which will have a detachment for players who want to build a purely Kroot army.

Warhammer LVO Reveals Kroot Army Box

Warhammer LVO Reveals Tau Codex

Warhammer Age of Sigmar – The Daughters of Khaine receive reinforcements in the new Dawnbringer Force

Krethusa the Croneseer is the newest Epic Hero for the Daughters of Khaine, representing the distrust of Morathi in the Aelves. This incredibly new miniature is a blast from the past as well as the continuation of the Daughters of Khaine story.

Warhammer LVO Reveals Croneseer

Krethusa will become available in the next Dawnbringer box coming to Age of Sigmar

Warhammer LVO Reveals Daughters of Khaine Dawnbringers

Warhammer Age of Sigmar – Book V Shadow of the Crone

Krethusa is also the central character of the 5th Dawnbringers book, set in the city of Hammerhal. Following the Croneseer and a set of Age of Sigmar heroes, they will try to stop the forces of evil.The book also comes with a new box of Agents of Azyr, all named characters and heroes of different factions.

Warhammer LVO Reveals Callis and Toll

Warhammer Underworlds – Zondara's Gravebreakers

A new Underworlds band is also coming for the Grand Alliance of Death. Zondara's Gravebreakers is a tragic story, as the necromancer tries to save her lost love – the werewolf behind her. The new models look great, as well as some great new rules.

Warhammer LVO Reveals Underworlds

Warhammer The Horus Heresy – The Solar Auxilia Are Here!

The biggest release of plastic kits revealed for Warhammer 30k, the Solar Auxilia are finally here! Fighting alongside the Space Marines Legions, they are the finest of humanity, as well as a proto-Imperial Guard as well. However, they are even less immune to the whispers of Chaos, so they can be played as Heretics as well!

Warhammer LVO Reveals Solar Auxilia

The brunt of the Solar Auxilia is the Lasrifle Section, providing support and backup to Space Marines – after all, the Adeptus Astartes can't do everything alone.

Warhammer LVO Reveals Solar Auxilia

Leading from the front is the Tactical Command Section, relaying orders to squads of the Solar Auxilia.

Warhammer LVO Reveals Aethon Heavy Sentinel

Coming with a plethora of weapon options the Aethon Heavy Sentinel is the first new vehicle of the Solar Auxilia, trotting along the battlefield in the thousands.

Warhammer LVO Reveals Dracosan

Kitted with a Demolisher Cannon as well as capable of transporting Solar Auxilia over the battlefield.

Warhammer LVO Reveals Leman Russ

10 thousand years ago, Leman Russ Strike Tanks would be mass produced with tank battles taking place on the battlefields of the Horus Heresy – it's only natural they get a new plastic kit.

Warhammer LVO Reveals Solar Auxilia Battle Group

If you want to kickstart your Solar Auxilia army, all of the revealed so far will be available in a big boxed set!

Warhammer LVO Reveals

But more is coming for the Guard of 30k, like the Leman Russ Assault Tank, a shorter ranged, but harder hitting version of the Strike Tank

Warhammer LVO Reveals

The Veletaris Storm Section is a much more specialized unit of Solar Auxilia, being a menace in close quarters combat. Being able to wield axes and guns alike, with enough numbers, they can even stop a Space Marine.

LVO Malcador

The Malcador Heavy Tank is the bigger brother of the Leman Russ Tank. With a large number of weapon options, it fills any gaps you have in your army, as well as providing som heavy support.

LVO Malcador weapons

And that wraps up all the reveals of the Las Vegas Open! Warhammer 30k players, as well as Kroot enthusiasts are eating good, with some highlights for the Kill Team and Age of Sigmar players as well. The reveals should become available for purchase in the next few months – keep and eye on ESTNN for further details!

Warhammer LVO Reveals – All the Reveals of the Las Vegas Open
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