Krafton And ESL Team Up for New PUBG Tournament Series

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Krafton And ESL Team Up for New PUBG Tournament Series

ESL launches new tournament for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

ESL made an announcement introducing a new series of tournaments in partnership with Krafton to the PLAYERUKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) scene. This includes 4 ESL PUBG Masters tournaments that will be shared between the Americas and Europe, as well as 3 ESL PUBG Open tournaments in Europe.

Tournaments will begin as early as the end of this month with qualifiers being held on March 31 to April 2. The prize for the ESL PUBG Masters is $50K for each respective pool for the Americas and Europe. Champions of the ESL PUBG Masters also have the chance to obtain PUBG Global Championship (PGC) Qualification Points.

PGC qualification points are offered to teams from various tournaments throughout the season based on performance. These points are tracked on a regional leaderboard where fans can keep track and compare the teams.

Format and Dates

The qualifications for the ESL PUBG Masters in the Americas this spring is open, so any team can sign up to play against the best Europe has to offer. The tournament begins in the Americas on April 7th and is titled ‘Phase 1’. The ESL PUBG Masters: Spring will have three rounds preceding Grand Finals later in April and early May.

A visual breakdown of the format for the ESL PUBG Masters Americas

The European leg of the ESL PUBG Masters will have a different format; two stages and a last chance qualifier leading up to its Grand Finals nearing the end of April.

A visual breakdown of the format for the ESL PUBG Masters Europe

The announcement also includes information about the ESL PUBG Open which is a series of European tournaments that will take place later this year. Every competition in this tournament has a $2K prize. This event is also open to any team who wants to take their shot at competing with the best competitors.

Analysts and community casters can broadcast ESL PUBG events on their own channels. It will certainly be interesting seeing how the events play out starting March 31.

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