Where to Find Kitsun Palworld and How to Capture It

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Where to Find Kitsun Palworld and How to Capture It

If you are wondering where to find Kitsun in Palworld and how to capture it, this guide will reveal all the secrets.

After shaking the world with its arrival a few weeks ago, Palworld is becoming more and more popular. One of the game’s main objectives is to get the best Paldeck possible, which means capturing different Pals. Some are easier to find, but when it comes down to Kitsun, things are different.

Kitsun Palworld is a Fire Element Pal al that is one of the rarest to find. It looks like a fox, but what makes it desirable is an ability called Clear Mind. When used, it gives the character who rides it a lot of extra resistance to the different climate conditions. 

We are confident that you are interested in learning where to find Kitsun in Palworld and how to capture it, so let’s dive in.

Where to Find Kitsun in Palworld?

Kitsun in Palworld can be found in the northeast region on the world’s map, which means the easiest way to access it is by going to the Tower of Free Pal Alliance. Considering this pal is rare, you have to be ready to explore the map before finding it. 

Speaking of exploring, Palworld Kitsun is also a night-exclusive pal, which means you have to explore the map at night. Also, Kitsun resides in the colder areas of the map, meaning you have to be ready to have armor that offers resistance to cold.

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If you are not ready to take on this challenge, you can try the alternative way to obtain Kitsun – via egg hatching. Our experience shows us that the Scorching Eggs offer the best chance of getting this Pal.

Capturing Kitsun

Where To Find And Capture Kitsun Palworld
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Now that you know where to find this Pal, let’s see how to capture Kitsun and use its power. The bad news is that getting your hands on it is easier said than done.

The first thing you will notice about Kitsun is that this pal is really strong. In fact, we recommend you are at least level 25 before trying to fight it. Considering it is a Fire Element, you should use a Water Element Pal because it will give you a significant advantage.

Once it is time for the Kitsun Palworld fight, you should know that the Pal uses the following abilities:

  • Spirit Fire
  • Ignis Blasts
  • Flare Storms

All of them do a lot of damage, so our recommendation is to try and dodge them while keep doing damage. Once Kitsun is weak, you can use your Pal Spere (the high-level ones) to capture it.


If you do not want to wait until you reach a higher level and want to get Kitsun Palworld as fast as possible, you can do that through breeding. For example, you can use TGanzee and Nitewing, Rooby and Penking, and Penking and Rushoar. All of them will work, but we recommend taking the first route and try defeating this mighty Pal. It is more interesting.

Where to Find Kitsun Palworld and How to Capture It
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