Keoz is Leaving GamerLegion

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Keoz is Leaving GamerLegion

CS2 Pro Keoz is parting way with GamerLegion. Here is everything you need to know about his departure and the future of GamerLegion's Counter-Strike Endeavors.

It is official, as part of their efforts to stay competitive, GamerLegion has decided to part ways with their resident Rifler Nicolas “Keoz” Dgus. This was by no doubt a difficult decision but after GamerLegion consistently couldn't make it out of the group phases in PLG Major's and Blast Premier this year changes had to be made.

Keoz has been with Gamer Legion for over 16 months after joining in September of 2024. But at age 23, there is no doubt he'll be picked up as a promising prospect.

Keoz is Leaving GamerLegion after 16 Months

We also have an official press release by GamerLegion, explaining their decision which goes as follows:

Berlin, March 28, 2024 – GamerLegion announced today that the team is going to replace Rifler Nicolas “Keoz” Dgus. Keoz, formerly of Team Falcons, joined GamerLegion in September 2022 and made significant contributions, including their run to the Paris Major final in 2023.

Since joining GamerLegion, Keoz has been an integral part of the team, consistently showcasing his skill and dedication. His talented rifling has been instrumental in securing crucial victories for the team. Notably, during the Paris Major 2023, Keoz's performance helped push GamerLegion to the showdown against Vitality, where they defied all odds, captivating an audience of 1.5 million viewers with their gameplay. Keoz's ability to remain calm under pressure and make decisive plays has earned him admiration from teammates and fans alike. Off the stage, his positive behavior and companionship have contributed to fostering a cheerful team environment within GamerLegion.

After careful consideration, GamerLegion has opted to make changes to its roster, a decision that was reached mutually and respectfully, leading to the withdrawal of Keoz effective immediately. “Throughout his time with us, Keoz has been an absolute asset to the team”, says Coach Ashley “Ash” Battye. “His positive energy and unwavering commitment have had a deep impact on our joint success. Whether it was his impressive performances in critical matches or his uplifting presence in team interactions, Keoz has left a memorable mark on GamerLegion. While we bid farewell to Keoz, we do so with fond memories and well-wishes for his future endeavors. We're confident that he will continue to excel in whatever path he chooses to pursue.”

Moving forward, GamerLegion remains dedicated to maintaining its competitive edge. The organization is actively evaluating potential candidates to fill the vacancy left by Keoz and will soon announce its plans for the future composition of the team.

We haven't heard any word of who's replacing Keoz's position, but with several majors coming up we do not doubt that we'll find out very soon. And we'll keep you posted on that and everything CS2 right here on ESTNN

Keoz is Leaving GamerLegion
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