“It Means A Lot”: huNter- Delighted To Be Playing At The Paris Major

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“It Means A Lot”: huNter- Delighted To Be Playing At The Paris Major

The G2 rifler believes playing at the last CSGO Major is a precious experience for all Counter-Strike professionals

Nemanja “huNter-” Kovač is thrilled to be at the Paris Major, which is set to become the last Counter-Strike Major before Counter-Strike 2 rolls in. The Bosnian discussed the importance of this particular event for all CSGO professionals and expressed his expectations for the upcoming Counter-Strike 2 release. 

As summer approaches, the entire Counter-Strike community is abuzz with excitement for the global update and transition to the Source 2 engine. The highly anticipated update will mark the end of CSGO and the start of a new era with Counter-Strike 2. With BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 being the final major tournament for CSGO, professional players and teams are pushing themselves harder than ever to claim the last-ever championship trophy. Ninjas In Pyjamas claimed the first CSGO Major, who will get to cap off the era? We will get to know that soon. 

“To play the last Major of this legendary game means a lot to all the players here. Everyone wants to show their best result. Everyone is very well prepared, even at the Challengers stage. Of course, when you go to the Legends stage, playing in front of the arena and the crowd will be even cooler,” huNter- said. 

“But we are far from that. We need four more victories if we want to secure these feelings, so we are moving step by step. All in all, I can't describe my feelings after playing the last CSGO Major and switching to CS2. This is a legendary game, and I'm glad to be a big part of it, as are all the players here. I hope that CS2 will be even better than CSGO, and in ten years, maybe I will talk to someone younger than me, and he will say the same.”

huNter-s side G2 are off to a great start in the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 Challengers Stage, having secured two victories against The Mongolz and Complexity Gaming. Their next challenge is Apeks in the third round, with a win ensuring a spot in the Legends Stage.

“It Means A Lot”: huNter- Delighted To Be Playing At The Paris Major
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