isak Talks GamersLegion Resurgence

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isak Talks GamersLegion Resurgence

The rifler reveals how the team turned around a disastrous start to their Paris Major campaign and qualified for the Champions Stage

GamerLegion have defied the odds with an awe-inspiring resurgence as they transformed a dismal 0-2 beginning at the Challengers Stage into a triumphant journey to the highly coveted Champions Stage. The European powerhouse now sets its sights on the ultimate prize as they prepare to grace the stage to take on the crème de la crème of the competition. 

GamersLegion confirmed Champions Stage progression with a hard-earned victory against Apeks. Amidst the post-match buzz, Isak “isak⁠” Fahlén told how his team mustered the confidence to pull off such a remarkable comeback.

“It was a shaky first day, we basically had a talk after that saying that we need to step up in-game or otherwise we won't make it anywhere. After that we just took it one day at a time, we prepped the same every day, we did the work we needed to do and it paid off since now we're here.”

Now that the German outfit have made it to the Champions Stage, isak and the gang are not hesitant to dream big. 

“We saw it at the last Major with Outsiders, they made it all the way through and won it. We've kind of joked around about it a little, let's just go and win the Major, that's our mentality right now. Obviously, we need to take that one day at a time, as well, we'll see how it goes but that's the mindset we have.”

You can read the full interview here. 

isak Talks GamersLegion Resurgence
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