Into The Breach Tease New Arrivals

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Into The Breach Tease New Arrivals

Into The Breach have launched a cryptic social media campaign, teasing new arrivals 

British CSGO outfit Into The Breach have started a “Guess Who?” campaign on Twitter, giving away subtle clues about their new rosters. 

The club revealed that the new additions are highly accomplished esports athletes who have successfully competed at the prestigious tier 1 scene and even participated in the renowned IEM tournament in Dallas Into the Breach also hinted that these newcomers will be the youngest members of the lineup, sharing a unique connection as their names both begin with the same letter. To add more intrigue, the club disclosed that these talented players hail from countries bordering Poland, further piquing the curiosity of their loyal fanbase.

One of the potential recruits could be Adam “⁠NEOFRAG⁠” Zouhar, who comes from the Czech Republic, a country that borders Poland and is only 22 years old. He would fill the vacancy left by Cai “⁠CYPHER⁠” Watson, who left the organization a few days ago. NEOFRAG last played for OG, but he has been benched by the organization in June. He was part of the OG team that made the BLAST Premier: World Final 2022 Semi-Finals. 

There have been reports that the other player could be Aurimas “Bymas” Pipiras. Bymus comes from Lithuania, another country that shares a border with Poland. Moreover, he is about to celebrate his 20th birthday in August. His name also starts with an ‘A’ just like Adam “⁠NEOFRAG⁠” Zouhar. 

Bymas stepped into the spotlight during his FaZe Clan days, serving the North American organization from May to August 2020. Impressed by his strong performances, MOUZ recruited him permanently. Bymas' journey with the German organization faced setbacks, however, as he eventually found himself on the bench and has not competed since August 2022.

Into The Breach Tease New Arrivals
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