Internal Strife Leads to BoBoKa’s Departure from Team Aster Despite Burning’s Persuasion

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Internal Strife Leads to BoBoKa’s Departure from Team Aster Despite Burning’s Persuasion

Team Aster experiences internal discord after Bali Major disappointment, with BurNIng's attempt to retain BoBoKa

Team Aster has confirmed the departure of BoBoKa, solidifying earlier speculations regarding internal issues within the organization. Chinese Dota 2 legend BurNIng acknowledged the existence of these internal conflicts, revealing that a quarrel arose following the team's elimination from the tournament. While BurNIng possesses knowledge about the situation, he refrained from publicly discussing it to protect someone's reputation.

Internal Strife Leads to BoBoKa's Departure from Team Aster Despite

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In an effort to maintain team unity, BurNIng attempted to convince BoBoKa to remain composed and avoid making impulsive decisions. Regrettably, despite his advice, the player ultimately chose to part ways with Team Aster. As a result, Team Aster now faces the challenge of finding a suitable replacement for the position 4 role.

BoBoKa publicly declared his availability as a free agent (“LFT” – Looking for a Team) on Weibo, showcasing his versatility by expressing a willingness to play positions 3, 4, and 5. He emphasized a preference for support roles, where he feels most comfortable and capable of contributing to a team's success.

Reports from various Chinese Dota 2 sources, including CN Dota In A Nutshell and another Chinese Dota 2 Blog, have shed further light on the circumstances surrounding BoBoKa's departure. These reports highlight the entire sequence of events, including insights from BurNIng's livestream discussion where he acknowledged the need to find a replacement while being cautious about disclosing sensitive information.

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Team Aster has since announced Hu “Kaka” Liangzhi as the replacement for BoBoKa. However, BoBoKa's departure has illuminated internal conflicts within the team, raising questions about the nature of the quarrel and its potential impact on team cohesion.

BoBoKa's departure marks the end of his journey with Team Aster, leaving the organization to address their internal challenges as they strive to rebuild and secure a spot at The International 12. As Team Aster prepares for the TI12 qualifiers, their ability to resolve these internal issues and establish a unified roster will be crucial for their success in the fiercely competitive Dota 2 landscape.