iNSaNiA Calls Out Dota 2 BuLba After Team Liquid’s Victory Over BetBoom Team

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iNSaNiA Calls Out Dota 2 BuLba After Team Liquid’s Victory Over BetBoom Team

iNSaNiA decided to call out Dota 2 BuLba after Team Liquid’s victory over BetBoom Team which allowed them to reach the Lower Bracket final.

Team Liquid’s journey at ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 is over after the team failed to defeat Azure Ray. However, before reaching the Lower Bracket final, TL had to play against BetBoom Team. This match was very interesting, but in the end, Team Liquid won. 

In the post-match interview, SirActionSlacks talked with SabeRLight- about the victory, which was when iNSaNiA stepped in. Once he grabbed the mic, he said he had a quick message to Dota 2 BuLba and asked him how can Shopify Rebellion lose when they have a player like SabeRLight- on their roster.

iNSaNiA’s Reaction to Dota 2 BuLba

Needless to say, iNSaNiA’s decision to step into the interview and call out Dota 2 BuLba was surprising, to say the least. The reason why he decided to say it is because of SabeRLight-’s amazing performance in the match against BetBoom Team. It’s safe to say this was the best player in the series, and he was the main reason why Team Liquid succeeded.

But why is SabeRLight- with Liquid, when he is a part of Shopify Rebellion? Well, it’s because Team Liquid’s new offlaner Neta “33” Shapira was unable to attend ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 because of visa issues. Therefore, Team Liquid decided to get SabeRLight- for this event and it seems like this was the right decision.

Shopify Rebellion

iNSaNiA’s message to BuLba Dota 2 is not surprising because Shopify Rebellion hasn’t had the best results lately. In fact, the team has lost tons of matches lately, which led to a massive roster change. It will be interesting to see what’s going to happen with the team in the future.

Team Liquid

As for Team Liquid, the squad was unable to secure a place in the final against Gaimin Gladiators after failing to defeat Azure Ray. Nevertheless, the squad from Western Europe played really well, so we have no doubt it will be successful in 2024.

iNSaNiA Calls Out Dota 2 BuLba After Team Liquid’s Victory Over BetBoom Team
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