Infinity Gauntlet Fortnite Creative Mode – 3 Thanos Maps

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Infinity Gauntlet Fortnite Creative Mode – 3 Thanos Maps

Want to know how to get the Infinity Gauntlet Fortnite Creative Mode map? These are the Thanos Fortnite Creative codes you can try for the old collab.

One of Fortnite’s very first collabs with the Avengers crossover, culminating in the Infinity Gauntlet event. This was an Epic crossover, where for a short time players could get the power of the Avengers or Thanos in each game. Once a player got the Thanos gauntlet, they were able to transform into the comic book character. This gave them way more health, a number of completely OP powers, and generally made them into a kind of mini-boss for the game of Battle Royale! The event and item is long gone though, but there’s still a way to try it. If you know how to get Thanos Gauntlet in Fortnite creative.

With the event living on with OG Fortnite fans reminiscing, a lot of players are left wondering what the Thanos Fortnite creative code are to try the mechanic out. Was it really as fun as old players make out?

Fortnite Creative mode gives players the tools to create tons of unique experiences. Now we’ve got the UnrealFN editor things can get even more crazy, but what about using it to rediscover some of Fortnite’s most fun and missed content? There are Fortnite unreleased gun maps, but the Thanos Fortnite creative code is a great example too.

A lot of players are likely looking for a way to relive that classic crossover event in Creative for themselves. Or if they missed out the first time, to try it out and see what’s made that crossover so well remembered. Quite a few of the older items in the game are still accessible through creative, but what about the Infinity Gauntlet Fortnite Creative mode? Can you still use that via a Thanos Fortnite creative code?

How to get Thanos Gauntlet in Fortnite Creative

One of Fortnite’s very first collabs was an expansive Avengers crossover. Rather than just skins, we got in-game items for one of the first times, the Infinity Gauntlet in Fortnite. This LTM allowed one player to grab the Infinity Gauntlet out of a meteor. Once they got it, they found themselves transformed into Thanos.

Once transformed, they got a whole new set of abilities more health, and generally a powered-up for the rest of the game. The other players could only find high-level loot too. Only the best Fortnite weapons were active in this mode. Everyone had to try and take Thanos down. Outside of this it was also a normal Battle Royale. The last player won the game. Thanos had a clear advantage but also was a huge target. Players would try to take them out together.

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It was a fun mode, so naturally, a lot of players are looking for ways to play it again with the Infinity Gauntlet Fortnite creative mode. OG Fortnite is back in creative, but what about the Thanos Fortnite creative code from Season 4? We’ve found some of the best maps that are the answer to how to get Thanos Gauntlet in Fortnite creative.

Infinity Gauntlet Fortnite Creative Mode – Best Maps

Thanos Free for All

Infinity Gauntlet Fortnite Creative Mode

  • Map Code – 9398-9442-0758

This is a Fortnite map which includes the Thanos game mode’s key elements. Players can still grab the Infinity Gauntlet and enjoy everything players did in the original crossover. Although, it isn’t quite the same as the LTM.

Players aren’t in a battle Royale in this Infinity Gauntlet Fortnite Creative mode. it’s a free-for-all. You can run around and do whatever you want. There’s not the all against one factor going on here and players aren’t trying to be the last man standing. This is a great pick out of the Thanos Fortnite Creative Maps if you just want to try out what the gauntlet could do. It’s not the same as the full BR. It’s definitely the easiest way to experience the item itself though.

Thanos Vs Avengers – Thanos Fortnite creative code

Infinity Gauntlet Fortnite Creative Mode

  • Map Code – 2856-8731-8739

This is a different take on the Thanos Fortnite Creative Code. This one is actually a lot closer to the second Fortnite Thanos event than the first. That second crossover introduced Avengers FN Mythics alongside the Thanos gauntlet, giving everyone an OP power to do Battle with. This one of the Infinity Gauntlet Fortnite Creative mode maps takes the same approach.

Players who aren’t playing as Thanos here get an Avenger’s power to try and take them down. It's then an all v one to try and win. These are smaller and more contained matches than a big Battle Royale. It’s more of a deathmatch with the superpower set-up. However, as a more limited experience this one fits the second Infinity Gauntlet perfectly. It’s a great solution to how to get Thanos Guntlet in Fortnite Creative especially if you want to stand a chance against the item.

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OG Season 4 Infinity Gauntlet LTM

Infinity Gauntlet Fortnite Creative Mode

  • Map Code – 3354-4732-9307

This map is probably the closest map to the OG Thanos in Fortnite experience. It’s a Battle Royale style map that directly tries to recreate the original LTM. It puts in a Season 4-styled Fortnite map, with the same mechanic for becoming Thanos and using the powers. Although, there are some differences.

This map isn’t quite the full Battle Royale one. We’ve seen players recreate very early maps with UnrealFN, but this isn’t quite one of those expansive projects. It’s a selection of some of the most iconic spots like Tilted Towers, but without the entire thing completely recreated. It’s the best facsimile out of Thanos Fortnite Creative code maps though.

This is probably the closest you’ll get to the full original crossover LTM. That mode would likely break the current memory limitation on Fortnite creative maps. Hopefully, we’ll see that memory limit increased in future so we can get a completely perfect recreation of the original LTM as an Infinity Gauntlet Fortnite Creative Code.

Why Aren’t All Items in Fortnite Creative?

Fortnite Creative has long given players the chance to try out different past items in more limited ways. There are exceptions to this though. Sometimes items which are licensed have to go into the vault in a more permanent way, and not even be accessible through Creative! There can be quite a few reasons for this but the most likely in a lot of cases is licensing.

When Fortnite holds a crossover, they include other people’s intellectual property in the game. Most of their agreements for crossovers in Chapter 4 and beyond give them permission to use the items down the line in creative. However, those that predate these creative additions to the game might not have been licensed for permanent use like this. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution to how to get Thanos Gauntlet in Fortnite Creative though. Players have made Infinity Gauntlet Fortnite creative mode maps with a Thanos like experience still.

Is Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet in Fortnite Creative?

While not quite everything is in Fortnite creative, an awful lot is. That does now include the Infinity Gauntlet in some ways. While not everything is here thanks, Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet are playable in here! Players can jump in and see how the game mode originally played in each of these maps, with a different one depending on what type of experience with the Infinity Gauntlet you’re looking for!

Infinity Gauntlet Fortnite Creative Mode – 3 Thanos Maps
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