Incheon On Sla2ers Announces New Valorant Roster For VCL Korea Split 2

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Incheon On Sla2ers Announces New Valorant Roster For VCL Korea Split 2

Incheon On Sla2ers is ready for VCL Korea Split 2, and they're coming with a brand-new roster.

On Sla2ers is one of the many Valorant organizations that questioned its future in Valorant after the announcement of league partnerships and its failure to obtain a spot in the VCT Pacific League.

Last September, former On Sla2ers manager Kim “n0ndiscloths” Hyun-woo announced the disbandment of On Sla2ers' former Valorant roster due to not securing a spot in VCT Pacific League. Despite this unfortunate news, On Sla2ers assured fans they would rejoin the competitive scene in 2023 should an opportunity arise. That time is now.

On Sla2ers has revealed their newest Valorant lineup today consisting of members Kim “NakJi” Sang-hyeop, Kim “WIX” Doo-heon Lee “Hate” Ye-hun, Kim “BeomJun” Beom-jun, Ha “Ash” Hyun-cheol, Yoo “Manggong” Seung-beom, and JaebiN. Munghoon will serve as coach.

On Sla2ers' newest roster has some potential. BeomJun managed to catch the attention of T1, one of the best teams in the Pacific League. Despite not playing a game with T1, T1 still signed him as a sixth man. That speaks to his potential as a player. Hate has had a pretty active career, previously a member of Cloud9 Korea and with two stints with DAMWON Gaming. His in-game performance consistency will be most welcome at Incheon On Sla2ers.

On Sla2ers's roster reveal follows On Sla2ers' announcement of an organization rebranding. Now known as Incheon On Sla2ers, this is their third name change, following On Sla2ers and ESports Connected.

With a new name and a new roster, all that's left is for Incheon On Sla2ers to prove itself a worthy competitor in the Pacifics scene. They will get their chance when the main stage of the VALORANT Challengers 2023: Korea Split 2 begins on April 11. They will be competing against Dplus, SLT, Maru Gaming, Shadow Corporation, CNJ esports, Nongshim RedForce, and Our Growth Story. 75,000,000 KRW will be up for grabs, and the number 1 team will earn a spot in Pacifics Ascension.



Incheon On Sla2ers Announces New Valorant Roster For VCL Korea Split 2
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