Imperial Ordered To Pay Compensation To Deceased Player’s Family

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Imperial Ordered To Pay Compensation To Deceased Player’s Family

The Court of Justice of São Paulo has ordered Imperial to financially compensate the family of Matheus “brutt” Queiroz, who was benched from the Imperial CSGO roster shortly before his demise 

Following a lengthy litigation process, the Court of Justice of São Paulo has ruled that Brazilian esports organization Imperial must compensate the family of deceased CSGO player Matheus “brutt” Queiroz with $80,000.

According to, on December 15, 2019, the promising Brazilian AWPer, Brutt, passed away at the age of 19 due to a central nervous system infection after spending several days in the hospital. He had joined Imperial Esports only a month before and was set to compete in the ESL One Road to Rio tournaments in early 2020.

After the tragic passing of Brutt, his family pursued legal action by lodging civil, criminal, and labor lawsuits against Imperial Esports and Team Reapers, his former team. In July 2022, Imperial were ultimately found guilty of labor law violations.

The 69th Labor Court in São Paulo declared that the team had failed to meet its obligations of ensuring a safe, healthy, and comfortable setting for its players. This breached both the labor legislation and the terms agreed upon in the employment contract.

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The court also discovered that Imperial neglected their responsibility to offer any form of support to the player in managing his symptoms.  There were instances where he had to seek medical attention accompanied by underage teammates and even girlfriends of teammates, without any representatives from the organization being present.

The court ruled that Imperial's negligence warranted payment of moral damages to brutt's family, amounting to around $80,000 USD (R$400,000). His parents and two brothers will receive an equal share of the amount. 

Imperial appealed the decision, but the Court of Justice of São Paulo upheld the ruling.