“I’m The Best”: Snappi Has His Say On The Best Danish IGL Debate

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“I’m The Best”: Snappi Has His Say On The Best Danish IGL Debate

The ENCE captain believes he is the best-ever CSGO in-game leader to come from Denmark 

Marko “Snappi” Pfeiffer is confident that he is the best CSGO in-game leader Denmark has ever produced and he wants to prove it by leading his team to Paris Major glory. 

Danish in-game leaders have always been held in high regard in the world of CSGO, and for good reason. Lukas Gla1ve Rossander and Finn Karrigan Andersen have long been considered the cream of the crop, but according to Marko Snappi Pfeiffer, he deserves to be at the top of the Danish in-game leaders pile. 

“I think I'm the best Danish IGL, I do honestly believe so. I think all five [cadiaN and HooXi included] of us should probably believe that we are the best because we're competitors and we're facing each other. I'm doing it with a budget that is far less than all of them, I'm bringing tier 2 players into tier 1, and I do believe that I'm good. I have belief in myself and in the current team, I don't care if it's a mad thing to say but I do believe I'm currently the best.”

Snappi’s unwavering self-confidence stems from the team’s impressive performance under his leadership. 

“We need good vibes and to just play our game. I think the last two LANs we played with Nertz we beat Cloud9, Vitality, and G2 in BO3s, I don't think you'll find many better teams than those three. If we can beat them and we can show a consistent level I don't see why we can't challenge for the trophy. This is a very open major, there might be four or five favorites and three or four dark horses, I consider us one of the dark horses.”

Snappi’s team are set to start their Paris Major campaign against OG today. 

“I’m The Best”: Snappi Has His Say On The Best Danish IGL Debate
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