“I’ll Be Ready For The Next One”: m0NESY Hope To Do Better In The Next Major

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“I’ll Be Ready For The Next One”: m0NESY Hope To Do Better In The Next Major

G2’s teenage sensation has emerged as one of the best players in the scene, but he is yet to reach the playoffs of a Major 

G2 AWPer Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov has discussed his team’s premature exit from the Paris Major Legends Stage. The German organization have become a perennial disappointment in Majors over the years as they could not make it to the playoffs of a CSGO Major since 2018. Their last Major playoffs appearance came at the ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018, where their French-only roster made it to the playoff stage, but only managed to finish 5th-8th. In the subsequent Majors, G2 failed to make it past the second stage of the competition. 

The playoff stages of a Major have been an unsightly blotch in m0NESY’s résumé as well. The 18-year-old is yet to make his Major debut and his wait was prolonged as G2 crashed out of the Legends Stage following a defeat to Fnatic. He, however, will keep pushing to make it happen one day. 

“I have nothing to say, and you saw everything yourself. It is very sad to realize that I had never played in the playoffs of a major…

This is not the last game. I promise I'll be ready for the next one. Once again, sorry for such a shame. I will try again.”

m0NESY has produced some memorable performances in Paris. He finished the competition with a 1.11 rating, but his best came in the Challengers Stage. He posted 1.47 against TheMongolZ, 2.23 against Complexity, and 1.38 against Apeks. The Russian youngster’s numbers dried up in the Legends Stage as he clocked only 1.06 against Fnatic and 1.05 against Bad News Eagles.