Iconic Halo Map ‘Blood Gulch’ To Appear In Fortnite Limited Time Mode

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Iconic Halo Map ‘Blood Gulch’ To Appear In Fortnite Limited Time Mode

Fortnite continues to tease an inevitable crossover with the iconic Halo video game series.

Well-known Halo map ‘Blood Gulch' will appear in the future Fortnite: Battle Royale Limited Time Mode (LTM), multiple leakers confirmed today. Those leaks revealed Capture the Flag game mode, which most old school Halo players should recognize with fondness. Blood Gulch was arguably the first quintessential map in Halo: Combat Evolved. Fortnite data miners also recently discovered that Halo-themed cosmetics are on the way, including the lead character Master Chief as part of the Gaming Legends Series. Now, Fortnite adds Blood Gulch to the list for this impressive collaboration.

Blood Gulch

The popular Halo map, Blood Gulch, became a go-to for those playing on local area network connections (LAN) or through system link back when the original Xbox released. Series developer Bungie reimagined Blood Gulch multiple times through the Halo series, including in Halo 2, where they renamed Blood Gulch to Coagulation. It is a staple in gaming history and ranks at the top of the most memorable maps of all time. Blood Gulch was particularly perfect for Capture the Flag (CTF), considering its vast landscape, various vehicle options, and bases on either side. How fitting to see Epic Games deploy their take on Blood Gulch in a CTF game mode.

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When Will Blood Gulch Appear in Fortnite?

Twitter user FNBRUnreleased, who leaked the map itself, confirmed that Capture the Flag will be a part of Fortnite patch v15.10. Since we are currently playing on build v15.00, the next update should come through within the next couple of weeks. You can also anticipate driving golf carts around Fortnite's take on Blood Gulch to compensate for the lack of Warthogs.

More Halo content could be in the pipeline, so stay tuned to ESTNN for the latest leaks and updates!

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