Fortnite: New Western Shotgun Leaked In Season 5

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Fortnite: New Western Shotgun Leaked In Season 5

Leakers confirm that another shotgun is on the way.

Fortnite: Battle Royale players might be receiving a brand new shotgun in Chapter 2 – Season 5, based on a tweet from reputable leaker HYPEX. The details are few and far between, but we know that this new weapon's working name is the Western Shotgun. Based on the leak, the Western Shotgun appears to have a tighter spread, faster fire rate and larger clip than the fan-favorite Legendary Pump Shotgun. However, it also inflicts less damage and reloads slower. If valid, the Western Shotgun would join the Tactical Shotgun, Charge Shotgun and the newly introduced Dragon Breath Shotgun in this season's loot pool.

Western Shotgun

The leak from HYPEX gives an idea of what to expect from the Western Shotgun statistically. Its Epic rarity can deal 178 to the head, offers a six-round clip and a 0.5 fire rate.

  • (*Rare/*Epic)
  • Spread: 0.75/0.75
  • Fire Rate: 0.5/0.5
  • Clip Size: 6/6
  • Damage (Body): 85/89
  • Damage (Head): 170/178
  • Reload Time: 9/8.5 (seconds)

It's unclear whether this new weapon will be available in only Rare and Epic rarities, but that is what the leaked statistics indicate.

Another Fortnite leaker, known as FortTory on Twitter, believes that the Western Shotgun could be an Exotic weapon this season. Fortnite's Season 5 trailer depicted Battle Pass character Mancake carrying an unfamiliar shotgun. Could this be the Western Shotgun? Should it come to fruition, the Western version would be the ninth shotgun variant to appear in Fortnite: Battle Royale, alongside the Pump, Tactical, Charge, Dragon Breath, Heavy, Combat, Drum and Double Barrel.

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