“I Don’t Think I Have A Good Word For What I Am Feeling Right Now”: ZywOo

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“I Don’t Think I Have A Good Word For What I Am Feeling Right Now”: ZywOo

The Paris Major MVP was lost for words after winning the first Major title in his career

Mathieu “⁠ZywOo⁠” Herbaut, a 15-time MVP winner, achieved a significant milestone by capturing his first Major MVP honor. Together with his Vitality comrades, he proudly raised the BLAST.tv Paris Major trophy on home soil. The team's path to victory in the playoffs involved overcoming a spirited group of underdogs, culminating in an emphatic 2-0 victory against GamerLegion in the pivotal grand final, echoing their commanding performances against Into the Breach and Apeks in earlier playoff rounds.

The 22-year-old talked to HLTV.org after his team’s remarkable triumph and he made no attempt to hide his excitement. 

“A lot of emotion, of course, we just did it! Actually, I don’t think I have a good word for what I am feeling right now, because that’s the best thing I've ever felt. We fucking did it, we just won the Major, we just won the final, and I just want to see my family and hug them, kiss them, it’s because of them actually, because of my family and because of the fans around us. Yeah, we fucking did it. I don’t know what to say!”

ZywOo also reflected on his team’s unbeaten run in the tournament. 

“Actually, we didn’t think about that all during the two weeks we have been playing. We never thought, “We have been undefeated,” or, “We didn’t lost a map in the Champions Stage.” We just kept thinking about what we need to do for tomorrow, what we need to do for the next game. We are actually not thinking about being undefeated.”

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