“I believe in myself and my teammates” – An Interview With T1’s 23Savage

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“I believe in myself and my teammates” – An Interview With T1’s 23Savage

After T1’s win against TNC Predator in the tiebreakers, ESTNN chatted with Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon, about the road ahead.

T1 might have started off their first week with a loss, but their team never looked back once they started winning. Things went up for their team at the start of the second week in the Dota Pro Circuit. T1’s 23savage was one of their key players who the team relied on to achieve their success throughout Season 2.

The 19-year-old played with a varied hero pool including Wraith King, Medusa and Lifestealer. However, it was 23Savage’s Wraith King which stole the show in the tiebreakers against TNC and guaranteed them a spot in the playoffs.

We discussed his experiences playing with the team and his future ambitions.

How big is it to win the tiebreakers against TNC and qualify straight for the playoffs?

“It is fantastic to win against one of the best teams in SEA right now and it makes us even more confident.”

The past two years were rough for you. Do you feel much more settled playing for T1?

“I feel really good to be joining T1 to be honest. It is like I am reborn again.”

“…reaching 12K is not a true achievement, my true achievement will be to win TI.” – Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon

Recently, you reached 12K MMR; it's a crazy feat even by a professional player's standards. How challenging was the grind?

“I don’t view it as a challenge, the whole point of getting to 12k MMR is to show others I’m capable of being the best carry in the world. However, reaching 12K is not a true achievement, my true achievement will be to win TI.”

DPC was great for you with lots of positives to take from the season. What sort of challenge does the upcoming AniMajor pose to you?

“All the teams that make it to the Animajor are good and I think I will learn a lot competing against them.”

Indeed, T1 will be facing some stiff competition in the Playoffs. Virtus.pro and Quincy Crew both finished their Season 2 runs undefeated in their regions. While Alliance, NoPing and Aster all went 6-1 to take their top spot on the ladder.

Plus, with the Group Stage and the Wild Card series, there’s bound to be a few dark horses thrown in the mix as well.

We asked 23savage his thoughts ahead of the next Major.

Looking toward Kyiv

Who do you think is a really strong side going into the next Major, and why?

“T1 of course, I believe in myself and my teammates.”

We've all seen professional players make mistakes like we all do when we play. Do you plan for it ahead, when things aren’t going as planned, do you have a certain mindset or a Plan B?

“If things aren’t going as planned, all we have to do is to reset and think about the next move, certainly move on from the mistakes and review mistakes after games.”

Here is a fun little quiz! Which hero do you think will be banned the most in this major?

“I think it will be Bristleback.”

T1’s qualification for the upcoming AniMajor will match them head-to-head against powerful teams around the world. Entering through a Wild Card in the Singapore Major, T1 had to face an early exit from the tournament. However, the team has come a long way since then and their performances have improved significantly.

It seems 23Savage has also gelled well with the team since Singapore. He’ll continue to be a player to watch as he looks to achieve his ambitions at this Major and eventually carve his name onto the coveted TI Aegis.

Photograph and Logo courtesy of T1

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