How to Unlock the Herald Bonus Skin and 2 Styles in Fortnite

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How to Unlock the Herald Bonus Skin and 2 Styles in Fortnite

The bonus skin has finally been unlocked. This is how you can get the Herald in Fortnite!

Fortnite’s final Battle Pass addition for this season has just been activated! Players can get the Herald in Fortnite right now once they play through a few quests. This latest addition ties in with the lore of the game and gives players the chance to use the skin of an in-game boss from the season. Between the skin and new interactions, the Herald is back in the spotlight. As a bonus skin, the Herald takes a bit more work than just grinding through Battle Pass levels, though.

The Herald is the bonus skin for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3. These skins always have a few simple requirements, but typically also a few that are annoying, even for experienced players! This time it isn’t quite as bad as in past seasons. There’s no complicated “solve the puzzle” quest like with Indiana Jones. Although, to get The Herald in Fortnite, there are some strategies for completing the quests that could see you unlock her quicker.

Here we’re going to run you through all of the rewards for the quests, and the best way to get the Herald in Fortnite as quickly as possible! 

How to Get the Herald in Fortnite

The Herald Quest Rewards

how to get the Herald Fortnite

The Herald is the final reward for playing through all of the quests. Although, there are quite a few other cosmetics in this part of the game. What good is the skin if you don’t have the matching back bling and other cosmetics to go along with it? These are all of the Herald quests rewards you can unlock:

  • Epitaph Edge Pickaxe
  • Herald’s Leer Spray
  • Herald Banner Icon
  • Fading Ember Cloak Back Bling
  • Reality’s Master Emote
  • Chrome-gratulations Emoticons
  • Nothing is Happening Loading Screen
  • Heraldic Wrap
  • Burning Ember style for Herald Skin

Those are all of the rewards. These are spread over two different pages of the game’s quests. They’re not the most complex to complete, but some can be tricky at first.

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The Herald Quests

The Herard Quests are now active in the game. Players can start unlocking the latest skin from the Season 4 Battle Pass. To get access to the skin itself, players need to complete every quest on Page 1. They’ll need to complete all of the quests to get the alt style.

These are each of the quests. Most of them are pretty simple and will need to be worked through gradually. There are a few that might take a little more work, though.  These are the quests and how to complete them.

Ignite 50 Structures

how to get the Herald Fortnite

This is a common quest but always a bit of a pain. There aren’t any extra fire items kicking around to make this quicker. Your main option is fireflies, explosions, and probably the best solution, the Boom Sniper rifle. The Boom Sniper sends a fire strike down after you fire a shot; shooting at buildings 50 times is the easiest way to do this quest.

You can find the Boom Sniper from the NPC at Logjam. There are more spots to get one this season, though. It is also in the lockboxes you need a key to access These have random selections in them, but you should be able to find a Boom Sniper after a few tries. Then you need to shoot 50 different structures.

Eliminate 10 Opponents

No trick here. Get some elims. It doesn't need to be a record-breaking game. You can space it out.

Do 500 Damage to opponents While Chrome-ified

These quests have been popping up a lot this season, so most players are probably used to them by now. Use the Fortnite chrome frequently to just incrementally increase your count for this quest. If you’re running low on Chrome Splashes, destroying chrome objects with an SMG still provides bigger drops of splashes than a pickaxe for some reason.

Tame 2 Chrome-ified Wildlife Creatures

The best strategy for this quest is to head to a wolf-heavy area like the north of the map once you’ve grabbed a few chrome splashes. You can chome-ify two at once with a splash and tame both.

Destroy 50 Objects with the Explosive Goo Gun (Page 2)

This is another relatively simple one, best completed in team rumble or the early game. Grab a good gun and head for a built-up area. Destroying all of the scenery inside of houses is going to give you the quickest return on ammo. Most individual items inside a house, like flimsy furniture, count as their own object, so a few houses should cover this quest.

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Get Chrome-ified While Driving (Page 2)

This one is slightly more complicated. You can do it with two players by having your teammate chrome splash both of you and the car while you’re driving.

Talk with 3 Characters and Deliver the Herald’s Warning

This one might also take a little more work. There are NPCs all around that you can complete this quest with. If you’re looking to knock it out in one round, though, these are some of the closest NPCs, so you can get it done quickly.

  • Beach Bomber – Coney Crossroads
  • Fishsticks – Sleepy Sound
  • Maximillian – On the airship north of loot lake

There are other spots with more NPCs than others, like the Jonseys and Rave Cave. These three are all accessible from balloons right by the NPC’s spot, though. Otherwise, it’s a good idea just to watch out for the dialogue icon on your minimap and talk to NPCs while rotating.

Eliminate 2 Opponents at Airborne Locations

This one is going to depend on where the circle sits and the behavior of opponents. It’s tricky to get it by brute force. A good option is to aim for the larger POIs that are in the air. These have a good chance of having another player drop there, where you can quickly grab these quests. The pirate ship and flagship and two of the better picks for a POI on this one.

Land at Herald’s Sanctum and Place Top 10 in a match         

This one is pretty basic. Just land here and try to survive until the end of the match. 

How to Get the Herald Outfit

how to get the Herald Fortnite

The Herald outfit is this season’s bonus skin. Players can unlock it simply by completing the first page of the Herald’s quests. This one is quite a bit quicker than some quests in the past. It shouldn’t take too long and most of the quests are fairly simple if you’ve set your mind to unlocking it.

That’s everything you need to know to unlock the Herald and complete this Season’s Battle Pass! Watch out for some of the more location-specific quests, and Players are sure to be heading to these landing spots in higher numbers for the first few weeks as everyone rushes to get the new skin!

How to Unlock the Herald Bonus Skin and 2 Styles in Fortnite
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