How to Take a Photo in Dave the Diver – Get Perfect Shots

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How to Take a Photo in Dave the Diver – Get Perfect Shots

Want to know how to take a photo in Dave the Diver? This is how you can access the limited camera mode.

Dave the Diver has the player exploring the beautiful ocean, rendering in a low-fi but lovely art style. Sometimes though, Dave does still need to take a picture of what he founds out there! Between different quests and their rewards, you’ll have to take a few pictures while down beneath the sea. The mysteries beneath the surface of the game definitely require you to jump in and actually get some evidence of some of the crazy stuff you’ve found down there. You need to know how to take a photo in Dave the Diver if you want to progress.

Dave the Diver’s life isn’t all making sushi and killing giant squids. Sometimes he has to take part in a kinder sort of interaction with the ocean. In some cases, you’ll be called to take a picture of a Monterey eel or something else. This could be locking you out of progression in a quest that stands between adding a whole new feature. The camera mode in Dave the Diver isn’t as expansive as some games, but there’s plenty to think about.

Thankfully, how to take a photo in Dave the Diver is pretty simple. We’ll run you through how to unlock the camera in the game and how you can take pictures of some of the fish you find in the ocean.

How to Take a Photo in Dave the Diver – Unlocking Photos

How to take a photo in Dave the diver

Like with most things in Dave the Diver, the camera isn’t unlocked from the very beginning. From everything like upgrading weapons to opening up a second Bancho branch, you’ll need to complete some elements of the story and main missions. This progression lets you unlock new features. Thankfully the progress wall is nice and low this time around. Players can get access to the camera in-game really quickly, it even happens in Chapter 1 of the game! To get to that specific point, there’s a single quest you’ll need to reach.

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It’s part of the game mode where you’re trying to get pictures to help Dr Bacon out searching for Sea People. searching out Sea People and trying to track down photographic evidence of cryptids might not be what every player expected. At least after Dave the Diver became an indie hit for its charming sushi restaurant. However, it’s where the story goes if you want to know how to take a photo in Dave the Diver.

In the main questline, you need to hit the Beyond the Rock Pile main quest. This is a stage where you’ll first get the option to take pictures. As part of the quest, you’re going to need to take a picture of the undersea. That’s when you get to learn how to take a photo in Dave the Diver.

Can You Use the Camera at Any Time?

That’s when you first unlock the method for how to take a photo in Dave the Diver. However, the camera mode here doesn’t work like photo mode in other games. You can’t do it at any point. Instead, you can only use the camera when you’re at a point in the story when it makes sense. Certain missions will need you to take pictures of a fish to fulfil a request. You can’t just snap pics whenever you want, unfortunately.

If you really want to document all of your experiences under the sea, you’re free to take screenshots! Or even just stream your time under the sea. However, you can’t use the in-game camera whenever you want.

You’ll know pretty well when you’re able to take a photo because a camera symbol will appear on the screen. That’s when you hit part of a quest that allows you to take a picture. There are some other spots which are just special enough for the game to include the photo mode, but for the most part pictures all have a purpose here. Dave is working a job; he isn’t out there just taking snaps.

Once you see the little camera icon, you’ll be able to pull it out and snap a picture. It’s thankfully easier than the real-life version of undersea photography, thankfully. We’ll still run you through how you can put together the best shots and how to take a photo in Dave the Diver.

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How to Take a Photo in Dave the Diver

How to take a photo in Dave the diver

Once the prompt for the camera is moving up the screen, you’ll be able to use the camera mode! This prompt is going to appear on the top left of the screen. Then the camera mode opens up. It works fairly similarly to modes in other games. You’re able to move around and aim the camera's reticule. Then use X and Z to control the zoom. There’s. bit of an extra mini-game here though.

The zoom of the camera can help you get the subject perfectly into focus. With the topic of the shot perfectly positioned, there’s only one more thing to do, take the picture! Hold down the space bar and focus will begin, keep it down until the picture is fully in focus! Then you get your perfectly in-frame shot!

Having a bit of difficulty in getting the focus right is a fun detail. Taking pictures underwater isn’t the simplest process so this is a nice feature to include as part of how to take a picture in Dave the Diver. You’ll know when the focus is directly right when the edges match up, then you’ve got your perfect shot!

Why Isn’t There a Full Photo Mode in Dave the Diver?

That’s all you need to know about how to take a photo in Dave the Diver. Why isn’t there a fully formed photo mode though? It’s not something that’s been explained, but limited photo mode does give a unique view on the world of Dave the Diver. Rather than having to remake the entire world with a secondary view, this system limits things. It’s a nice compromise that still lets you get some decent photographs of the world around Dave the Diver.

Even without a fully fleshed-out photo mode in Dave the Diver, taking a photo in the game is still a lot of fun. Since you’ll need it to progress in the full game, you’ll have to learn how to take a photo in Dave the Diver if you want to keep rolling with progress. You’ll need to progress through the main quest to get access to some of the best Dave the Dine recipes too. It’s definitely worth mastering the camera mode for each area where it pops up.

How to Take a Photo in Dave the Diver – Get Perfect Shots
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