How To Surrender In Valorant And If You Should

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How To Surrender In Valorant And If You Should

Surrendering is the last resort but sometimes necessary.

Valorant is a fun and enjoyable FPS game if everything goes according to plan. But many times, you may find yourself missing some simple gunshots, allies not responding to any team calls, and/or finding a hacker or cheater as your opponent. If you are experiencing such an off match, it's sometimes better to surrender the current game and go ahead with a fresh start for the next. Riot Games have introduced the option to surrender a game a few months after the initial launch. Here is a complete guide about everything you should know about surrendering a match in Valorant.

When should you surrender a match?

Surrendering should not always be the go-to solution at any given point. You and your teammates should always be on the same page before calling for the final vote. Here are some scenarios where you might be more inclined towards pressing the surrender button.

  • Hackers or Cheaters – Riot games have a unique anti-cheat system in the form of Vanguard. But even after implementing such a system, you can often face such abusers in various matches. In such cases, it's better to report and call off the game by surrendering.
  • Feeding – Valorant being a team-based tactical shooter, each of your allies should be on the same page for cohesive gameplay. Sometimes, you may come across players who will intentionally feed the enemies by sacrificing themselves.
  • Smurfing – Smurfing has been a huge issue not only in Valorant but in the world of gaming. Developers all over the world are trying to find a suitable solution to tackle this problem. If you are a low-tier player and find a Radiant smurf as your opponent, it's better to vote “yes” and go for the next match instead of wasting your time.

Options for surrendering

You can surrender any given match using two different methods command options and the main-menu option.

Command Options

An in-game screenshot of a Valorant game with a circle around the text chat with the forfeit command.

To surrender a match using the command options, you need to type one of the following commands into the Valorant game console line. In case you are wondering what a command line is, just press “Enter” to open the small console line on the left-hand side of the game window.

  • /ff
  • /concede
  • /surrender

An in-game screenshot from Valorant showing a red circle around a surrender vote.

After typing any of the mentioned commands, the system will initiate the surrender protocols and notify all the players with an option to vote for surrendering. If all of your four teammates choose the “yes” (F5) option, the match will be over immediately, and your opponents declared as the winners.

Main Menu Option

An in-game screenshot from Valorant showing a menu screen and a red circle around the surrender option.

The main menu option is a pretty straightforward way of surrendering a match. If you have made up your mind to give up on the current game, follow the given steps below.

  • Open the main menu of the game by pressing the “Escape” key.
  • In the main menu, look for the option of “surrender match” under the team scores.
  • After clicking on the button, the system will trigger the voting system for “surrendering” the match.
  • If your remaining teammates agree with your view by voting yes, the game will be over.

Note: You can always initiate surrendering once on both halves after the start of round five. If even one of your partners doesn't align with your opinion, the match will continue.

AFK Remake – Special Scenario

An in-game screenshot from Valorant showing the buy phase of a round and a red circle of the remake command in a text box.

Sometimes, at the beginning of a match, one or more players may not have joined due to network or game issues. If you find yourself in such a situation, you should immediately initiate a vote for remaking with the remaining players in the second round by using the command “/remake” and triggering the voting system. After voting, the game will be forfeited with no loss of MMR for both teams.

Surrendering in a Ranked Match

The consequences of surrendering a ranked game are much higher than a regular one because of the loss of MMR Points. You and your partners must understand the impact of giving up on a ranked game before doing so.

  • MMR Loss – Surrendering a ranked game may save you a lot of time but, you will also receive a loss of MMR Points. This loss of points is higher when compared with a lost match.
  • MMR Points (Surrendered match) > MMR Points (Lost match)

So it's advisable to complete a ranked match rather than opting for surrendering the game.

Note:- ESTNN does not encourage players to surrender any matches. The article piece is just an educational guide about all the information regarding “surrendering” a Valorant game.

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