How to Search Weapon Cases in Fortnite Chapter 5 – Best Loot

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How to Search Weapon Cases in Fortnite Chapter 5 – Best Loot

How do you search weapon cases in Fortnite? These are a new feature for Chapter 5 that are relatively simple to use once you get your head around it.

The current Fortnite season added tons of new features for weapons when it launched. Chapter 5 introduced Fortnite weapon mods, a completely new loot pool, and weapon cases. Fortnite weapon cases are a new way to get loot. You might have been missing them the entire time as these are a new form of lootable item that just resembles set dressing.

How do they work, what can you get from them, and where are the weapon cases in Fortnite?

The Fortnite weapon case is an item spread around some lore-centric places on the map. You can find them in places run by both Jonsey’s resistance group and the evil cartel seemingly running the new island. They have guaranteed drops of a few helpful items. They come with pre-attached mods too.

To get the loot, you’ll need to know how to search weapon cases in Fortnite, and what each one will drop.

While a Weapon case is a brand-new place to get loot, they work a bit differently. They’re only spawning in set locations and not making any noise! If you’re having trouble finding them all, this is how they work. How to search a weapon case in Fortnite, what they drop, and how you can find them.

Weapon Cases in Fortnite Guide

Search Weapon cases in Fortnite

The weapon cases are a new feature added in the latest season. They offer pre-modified guns, and give players a look at what they’re dropping before you even search them. Unlike chests, there’s a smaller pool of items they can drop though. They also spawn in set locations, and they only contain higher-tier loot. How exactly do they work?

How Do Fortnite Weapons Cases Work?

The weapons case in Fortnite as a new item on the map. At first glance, they simply look like set dressing. They’re red boards, with a weapon prominently displayed on them. This weapon isn’t a random image either. It’s the actual gun that will drop out of the case.

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Once the weapon has been removed, it’ll simply be an empty red case. These cases can be found on the walls and surfaces in a few key locations. Typically, quite close to a mod bench too, in case the item that drops doesn’t have your preferred scope or attachment.

The Fortnite weapons cases at the start of Chapter 5 seemed to always drop the best Fortnite weapons. They were a great place to drop to get a sniper off spawn. They’re a bit more varied now, but you’re assured that you’re getting something of a decent quality when it does drop.

What Comes From the Fortnite Weapon Case?

Search Weapon cases in Fortnite

Once you search weapon cases in Fortnite, a single weapon is going to drop out. What are you going to get? The loot here is only Blue and above. You’ll most often get blue, but purple and gold have a low chance of coming out too.

You’ll also get a minor amount of ammo to go with the weapon. Which gun you get will depend on what case you’re searching.

The larger weapon cases in Fortnite will drop Nemesis ARs or Reaper Sniper Rifles. Either the best or worst weapon in the game, not helped by them looking so similar too. There’s also some that contain pistols, and an SMG-sized one. You don’t see shotgun cases though.

Since you’re always getting a Blue or higher weapon, the Fortnite weapon case is closer to a rare chest in Fortnite in terms of pay off! They don’t count towards the Fortnite Weekly quest to search Mythic chests though, sadly.

How to Search Weapon Cases in Fortnite

That’s what you’ll get once you get into the case, how can you search them though? They’re a relatively simple task, but you’ll need to be able to spot the cases. Unlike other loot, you won’t hear them. There isn’t an audio indicator.

This can be especially weird if you’ve gotten used to the on-screen indicators that basically point you towards chests. Once you track one down, all you need to do is hold the interact button.

On screen, you’ll see a prompt to search weapon cases in Fortnite. What your interact button is will depend on your Fortnite settings. It’s fairly simple to get the weapon out though.

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Where Are the Fortnite Weapon Cases?

best fortnite chapter 5 landing spots

If you want to start tracking down the Fortnite weapon cases, it’s simple to find them. While they don’t make noise, they’re visible and they have the same set spawns in every single game! This is where you can find the weapon cases:


The new vaults this season all contain Fortnite weapon cases. You’ll find them on the wall around the mod bench. Once you’ve taken down the boss, you’ll be able to go inside and check what guns are included. These are the locations for these weapon cases in Fortnite

  • Lazy Lair
  • Grand Glacier
  • Reckless Railways
  • Snooty Steppes
  • Fencing Fields

Those are the five spots. It’s the same for tracking down one of the C5 medallions. There are also smaller vaults marked on the map at unnamed POIs. These can still be solid landing spots and they have their own smaller vaults. These don’t always have weapon cases though.

These smaller vaults have a chance to give weapon cases and a mod bench. Most of the time though, they won’t have one in them. If you’re banking on getting these options, you’ll be better off visiting the bigger vaults.

Jonesy and Henchmen Bases – Other Weapon Cases in Fortnite

best fortnite chapter 5 landing spots

Those are the vaults located with our five evil bosses from the Chapter 5 Battle Pass. Jonesy isn’t completely outgunned though. If you visit one of his bases, you’ll also find a Fortnite weapon case. There’s less of them in these locations, but it ensures you’re leaving with quite a bit more loot. There’s a similar low amount of them in a few Henchmen bases around the map. These are the locations where you’ll find the weapon cases here.

  • Jonsey’s Underground Base
  • Rebel’s Roost
  • Classy Courts
  • Hazy Hillside
  • Pleasant Piazza
  • Ruined Reels

What’s particularly great about the weapon case spots is that they’re guaranteed spawns. You won’t miss out on some games just thanks to RNG. Although, they only drop a random weapon. You’re not entirely free from RNG’s impact! If you know how to search weapon cases in Fortnite though, you’ll be able to secure Blue level loadout from the start of each game.

How to Search Weapon Cases in Fortnite Chapter 5 – Best Loot
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