How to Play Fredrinn – Mobile Legends Hero Guide

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How to Play Fredrinn – Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Check out our hero guide on Fredrinn, the Rouge Appraiser and learn how to dominate the game and secure the win in Mobile Legends

Typically, the heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang have two basic abilities, an ultimate, and a passive. However, there are some heroes who come with more than that. Now, we’re not saying that more abilities mean a better hero, but when the abilities have perfect synergy, the hero does bring a lot more to the table.

That’s exactly what you’ll get with Fredrinn, the Rouge Appraiser, once you learn to use him properly. He’s one of the best Junglers in the meta, but he can also hold his own in the EXP lane where he was initially designed to go.

Though his extra spell slot might seem a bit intimidating, he is, in fact, one of the easier heroes in the game, with a difficulty rating of 4 out of 10. Then again, you need to understand his abilities and how they synergize with his play style first.

With that said, let’s take a look at how you can play one of the tackiest damage dealers in the game, Fredrinn, to perfection.

Fredrinn, Rouge Appraiser – Overview

How to Play Fredrinn - Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Credit: Mobile-legends wiki

Fredrinn is a fighter/tank class hero who excels at chasing down his enemies and dishing out damage. He wants to be in the middle of the fight, soaking up damage so that his team can fight freely. All his abilities are designed to buff up his tankiness and help him survive in the thick of the battle.

He is the 117th hero to join the roster of Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Initially, he was strictly used as an EXP Lane hero because of his insane tank potential. However, these days, he is also used as a Jungler. In fact, we ranked him S-tier as a Jungle hero because of how quickly he can close distance with his enemies while ganking.

His attributes are pretty great at the early levels with 2709 base HP and 6.4 HP regen. With a base Physical Attack of 126 at Level 1, he hits like a, erm, tank.

Fredrinn also has a decent base movement speed of 260 that lets him walk up to the enemy and trade hits with him pretty easily in the laning stage of the game. And since his damage and HP are so high, the enemy laner has no choice but to run away when Fredrinn steps up to get a hit.

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The hero has four skins so far, including his default skin. However, out of them, one skin could only be achieved from a limited-time event.

Fredrinn, Rouge Appraiser – Hero Guide

Here’s all you need to know about Fredrinn before you decide to play him:

Passive – Crystalline Armor

How to Play Fredrinn - Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Credit: Mobile-legends wiki

Fredrinn’s passive Crystalline Armor has both an offensive and a defensive aspect. Let’s talk about the defensive side first. When Fredrinn takes damage from any source, he gains crystal energy on his health bar. It decays over an 8-second duration.

However, during this period, whenever the hero deals physical damage, he restores health for 30% of the damage he deals with. In other words, when he hits, he gains health.

The offensive side of the ability is that whenever Fredrinn uses an ability, he gets a Combo point, shown in a bar under his health bar. He can use these combo points to enhance his basic attacks or cast his ultimate abilities.

Basic Ability 1 – Piercing Strike

How to Play Fredrinn - Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Credit: Mobile-legends wiki

Piercing Strike is Fredrinn’s first basic ability. When cast, Fredrinn hurls his sword forward, piercing any enemy caught in its path. If he manages to hit a non-minion unit (jungle minions or enemy heroes), he will gain a combo point.

The next basic attack that he deals after Piercing Strike will get enhanced giving him bonus attack range and Physical damage.

Basic Ability 2 – Brave Assault

How to Play Fredrinn - Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Credit: Mobile-legends wiki

Remember how we talked about his gap-closing skills? Well, this is it. With Brave Assault, Fredrinn dashes towards the target direction dealing damage to the first non-minion unit that he hits.

Similar to Piercing Strike, Brave Assault will give him a combo charge, enhancing his next basic attack. Using a basic attack after this ability, will knock the target airborne for a short duration.

Note: The empowered basic attack type will depend on which spell you cast last before attacking.

Ultimate Ability 1 – Energy Eruption

How to Play Fredrinn - Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Credit: Mobile-legends wiki

The first of Fredrinn’s two ultimate abilities is Energy Eruption. It’s a crowd-control ability that deals a decent bit of damage in a small AOE around Fredrinn. In addition to dealing damage, it taunts the enemies caught in its AOE, causing them to attack Fredrinn for a short duration.

If Fredrinn hits a non-minion hero with the ability, he will get a shield that negates both physical and magical damage.

Furthermore, using this ability reduces the cooldown of Fredrinn’s Piercing Strike and Brave Assault. You need one combo point to use this skill. However, if you manage to hit a non-minion hero with the ability, the combo point will not get consumed.

Ultimate Ability 2 – Appraiser’s Wrath

How to Play Fredrinn - Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Credit: Mobile-legends wiki

While all of Fredrinn’s abilities do a decent chunk of damage, they don’t come close to the damage of his second ultimate Appraiser’s Wrath. This spell has a long windup, though, which can make it difficult to land on the enemy heroes in a team fight.

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When cast in a target direction, Fredrinn brings down his sword, slamming it to the ground in a conical area. The spell does flat damage along with 35% of his Crystal Energy as added physical damage. Enemies caught in the center of the cone also take bonus damage.

Casting this ability consumes three combo points from the hero.

Play Style

How to Play Fredrinn - Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Similar to Benedetta, Fredrinn can be played in EXP Lane or Jungle.

Playing Fredrinn effectively is all about landing his combos. Since all of his abilities give him combo point charges that enhance his basic attack, it’s important to land hits in the middle of each spell.

Also, remember to use your Energy Eruption ability whenever your two basic abilities go on cooldown. It will reduce the cooldown on them and also give you a shield to tank enemy spells and hits.

Finally, make sure the enemies are CC’d before you use your ultimate. It’s easy to walk out of its range if the enemy is smart enough.

As for his play style, there’s really not much to talk about. His passive gives him enough sustain to survive both EXP lane and Jungle without any issues. Just remember to use your basic attacks between abilities to recover lost HP and deal bonus damage and control.

Item Build

How to Play Fredrinn - Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Regardless of where you want to play him, Fredrinn is a tank hero at its core. So, items that boost his tankiness and help him survive in battle work great for the hero.

For boots, we recommend going with Warrior Boots as it will give him bonus Physical defense for the laning stage.

Athena’s Shield is great when the enemy team has a lot of magic damage to dish out. For late-game, Thunder Belt is a must-have item for the hero as it will give him HP, Cooldown reduction, and Physical Defense. Fredrinn doesn’t care much about Mana Regen.

If your team has a Healing Support like Floryn, Fredrinn becomes practically immortal.

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The meta is in a good place for Fredrinn, whether you like to play him as a Jungler or in the EXP lane in Mobile Legends. He can hold his own in the team fight and bring the pain to his enemies with his high-damage abilities. His gap-closing ability also comes in handy when chasing down the enemy hero.

We hope our hero guide gave you plenty of ideas on how to play Fredrinn and climb the leaderboards. As always, make sure you get in plenty of practice before you start spamming him. Good luck!

How to Play Fredrinn – Mobile Legends Hero Guide
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