How to Make Legendary Items in Last Epoch – Crafting Guide

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How to Make Legendary Items in Last Epoch – Crafting Guide

Here’s how to make Legendary items in Last Epoch to decemate enemies in the end-game 

Eleventh Hour’s newest Action RPG, Last Epoch, adds a lot of new elements to the genre. While fans of the genre welcomed all the new crafting shenanigans and timeline mumbo-jumbo, those who are less in tune with it might find it all a bit too confusing. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!

One thing that confuses many players in this dungeon-crawling, time-traveling adventure is the crafting; more specifically, crafting Legendaries. Now, Legendary items in the Last Epoch are slightly different from those you get in other ARPGs. 

In the Last Epoch, a Legendary is a unique item with one or more additional affixes added. Depending on the Legendary Potential of the item, it can have up to four total affixes, each of which can range from tier 1 to tier 7. Add it all up, and Legendaries can really beef up your character and bring your end-game build to life.

So without further ado, let’s dive in and help you figure out exactly how you can craft these Legendaries to make your life in Last Epoch easier. Here we go!

How to Make Legendary Items in Last Epoch

As of today, there are two ways to craft a Legendary in the Last Epoch:

You either need to combine a Unique with Legendary Potential with an Exalted item of the same type with four affixes. 

Or alternatively, you can turn a Unique with a Weaver’s Will into a Legendary. 

Don’t worry; we’ll cover both methods. Let’s start with the first one.

Crafting Legendary from a Unique and an Exalted item

How to Make Legendary Items in Last Epoch - Crafting Guide
Credit: AFK Gaming

To craft a Legendary using this method, you first need to complete the Temporal Sanctum dungeon. You need a Temporal Sanctum Key for that. While you can get the Key item randomly in the world as you’re clearing dungeons, the drop rate is quite low. Fighting and defeating Timeline Bosses in Monolith of Fate has a higher chance of getting you the Key.

Once you have the Key, fight through the Temporal Sanctum and defeat the final boss, Julra. It’s a tough dungeon, so make sure you’re geared properly. Like other dungeons in the game, you don’t get a second chance. You will lose all progress and need to farm for a new Temporal Sanctum key if you die here.

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The fight against Julra is a pure battle of attrition. But if you focus on survival and dodging, getting in a few hits when an opportunity presents itself, you should be fine. Make sure you watch out for three of his deadliest moves: Catastrophic Implosion, Dimension Tear, and Unraveling Decay.

After defeating the boss, walk to the next room. You’ll find yourself standing in front of a large structure. This is the Eternity Cache!

At this point, use Temporal Shift to travel to the Divine Era and open the Cache. Put your Unique with Legendary Potential and Exalted with four affixes inside. Seal the Cache and travel back to the original era using Temporal Shift. Open the Cache, and your new Legendary should be inside.

Remember that this process can only be done once per dungeon run. So, to make another legendary, you need to find another Temporal Sanctum Key and finish the dungeon again.

Crafting Legendary from Weaver’s Will

How to Make Legendary Items in Last Epoch - Crafting Guide
Credit: Last Epoch Forums

Weaver’s Will is a special mechanic in Last Epoch and it presents an alternative way to turn an item into Legendary rarity. When you’re farming items in the game, sometimes, you’ll get a Unique item that has a Weaver’s Will.

Instead of combining the Unique in the Eternity Cache to upgrade it to Legendary, you only need to keep slaying enemies and gaining experience while equipping it. Weaver’s Will Unique items gain stat as you gain experience and will add a new tier 1 affix or upgrade the existing ones. 

It will also gain stacks of Weaver’s Will as it gets stronger. Once the item gets 28 Weaver’s Will, it transforms into its Legendary variant. Weaver’s Will Unique items only drop in higher level areas. Raising your Corruption level also increases the drop rate of these uniques.

How to Farm Legendary Components 

If you’re lucky and get a drop for a Unique with Weaver’s Will, you don’t need to do anything extra to turn it into a Legendary. Simply play with it, and it will eventually transform into its end-game variant. 

When you’re using the Eternity Cache to get Legendary items in Last Epoch, you need to farm the components efficiently to get the most out of your grind. The process is straightforward, but the grind can be quite taxing.

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Either way, understanding the drop rate for these components (Unique, Exalted, and Weaver’s Will) is essential to make your farming efficient. You don’t want to waste hours farming a specific timeline only to later learn that you won’t get a drop. 

Here are a few tips to help make the grind just a bit easier.

For Uniques:

  • Each Unique in the game has a Legendary Potential Level. Farming in higher-level areas will have a higher chance of dropping items with more Legendary Potential. Corruption also plays a part here, but the area level is more important. So, if you’re planning to farm, focus on farming end-game zones at lower corruption levels.
  • Boss specific Uniques have a higher drop rate when you increase your Corruption level. So farm bosses after increasing corruption to get those items.
  • For world drops, it’s best to farm a specific Timeline with echo rewards. Alternatively, you can use a Rune of Ascendance.

For Exalteds:

  • Echo reward nodes are excellent when you’re hunting for Exalted items in general. Increasing your Corruption will make the farm go faster.
  • For tier 7 Exalteds, you need to be farming area level 90 or higher.
  • If you need the gold needed for the vault, the Lightless Arbor dungeons are excellent for farming exalted items.
  • For Exalted Belts, Books, and Gloves, farm the Soulfire Bastion dungeon.
  • You can use a Rune of Creation to duplicate an item. This comes in handy if you have an Exalted that you want to transform into a Legendary but don’t want to lose it. It also gives you a second chance at getting the right affixes on your Legendary once you craft it.

For Weaver’s Will:

  • Farming area levels 100 will have a better drop rate for Weaver’s Will
  • Use the Grand Winds of Fortune Blessing to get higher item rarity drop chances during your runs.
  • Farm Monolith Timelines that drop Unique Echoes as rewards.
  • Increasing Corruption levels will also result in Rarer Echo types as rewards including Weaver’s Will.
  • For specific item drops use the Rune of Ascendance. 

The Legendaries in Last Epoch are the most sought-after gears in the end-game. Though farming them can be a bit time-consuming, once you know the tricks, it won’t take too long for you to get fully slotted.

Hopefully, after reading through this guide, you’ll have all the information you need to craft all the Legendaries you want to bring your build to life. Good luck!

How to Make Legendary Items in Last Epoch – Crafting Guide
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