Last Epoch Monolith Guide

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Last Epoch Monolith Guide

In Last Epoch, you will have several ways to increase your power by finding items that are becoming increasingly better. One of these ways is to dedicate yourself to Monoliths. In this Last Epoch Monolith guide, therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know about them. However, don't think you can tackle this activity at the beginning of the game, as it is something you can only do in the endgame.

What Are Monoliths in Last Epoch?

The Monoliths are nothing more than a system that allows you to visit maps that you have already had the opportunity to face; however, this time they will be more difficult so that you can obtain better loot. Each map, which in this case is called Echo, has its own objectives that you must complete and rewards that you can obtain that will allow you to add special items to your inventory.

Once you have managed to complete an Echo, you will have the possibility of unlocking others of increasing difficulty. It goes without saying that in order to tackle these Echoes, you will need to have the right equipment; otherwise, you may have more difficulty than you actually should. So, the first step is to find an effective build with which you can face this challenge.

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As you move away from the starting point in Echo, you might find a special place called the Shade of Orobyss. Here, you can restart the Echo web, which makes maps and enemies harder. This also makes it more likely to get rare loot. In the Monolith of Fate game, you aim to finish as many Echoes as you can to get loot, beat the Shade of Orobyss to upgrade the web, and repeat. You can make things harder and restart the web whenever you want. There are 10 Monoliths of Fate, each with its own set of Echoes.

All Monoliths of Fate in Last Epoch

  • Fall of the Outcasts (58): The Stolen Lance, The Black Sun
  • The Stolen Lance (62): Blood, Frost, and Death
  • The Black Sun (66): None
  • Blood, Frost, and Death (70): Ending the Storm, Fall of the Empire
  • Ending the Storm (75): Fall of the Empire
  • Fall of the Empire (80): Reign of Dragons
  • Reign of Dragons (85): Spirits of Fire, The Age of Winter, The Last Ruin
  • Spirits of Fire (90): Empowered Monoliths
  • The Age of Winter (90): Empowered Monoliths
  • The Last Ruin (90): Empowered Monoliths

Last Epoch Monolith Guide

How to Unlock Last Epoch Monoliths

Once you're on the main island in The End of Time, you can start exploring the Monoliths of Fate. To find the first one, Fall of the Outcasts, head east from the main island. Along the way, you will see a lady named Agony in red. After her, you will find the teleport to the Monolith. But be careful, each Monolith has a minimum level requirement. The first Monolith starts at level 58, so it's best to finish the main story before attempting it.

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In the Last Epoch Monoliths, you earn Stability by completing Echo nodes. Stability shows how far you've progressed. As you gather Stability, you will unlock tougher missions called Quest Echoes. Complete three of these to unlock more Monoliths connected to the one you are in.

After you finish the final Monoliths at level 90—Spirits of Fire, The Age of Winter, and The Last Ruin—you unlock Empowered Timelines. These are even tougher, level 100 versions of all the Monoliths. They give you Unique and Set items that you can't find elsewhere. For example, if you want a special bow, focus on completing Echoes in the Empowered version of Fall of the Outcasts. You will find Unique Bows there as rewards. Other Monoliths won't have these exact items but will have different ones to offer.

Last Epoch Monolith Rewards

  • Fall of the Outcasts: Bow, Quiver
  • The Stolen Lance: Wand, Catalyst
  • The Black Sun: Helmet, Shield
  • Blood, Frost, and Death: Body Armor
  • Ending the Storm: Glove
  • Fall of the Empire: Belt
  • Reign of Dragons: Melee Weapon
  • Spirits of Fire: Boot
  • The Age of Winter: Ring, Amulet
  • The Last Ruin: Relic
Last Epoch Monolith Guide
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